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Q. 72. Who was Nebuzar-adan and what did he Jerem. lii. 12 and 17.


Q. 73.

What did he leave?

Q. 74. Who was Evil-merodach, and what is related of him? Jerem. lii. 31 to 34 verse. He was the successor of Nebuchadnezzar 2d. the 8th after the one mentioned in 2 Kings xv 19.-7th after that in 2 Kings xix. 35.-and the 4th before that in Daniel v. 30. Q. 75. How long after these last persons were carried into Babylon was the decree of Cyrus issued? A. About 52 years.

Q. 76. What other conquests did Nebuchadnezzar effect soon after?

A. He took Tyre and overran Egypt, and thus fulfilled the predictions in Ezek. xxvii. 28 to 32.—Amos 1. 9. and of Zechariah ix. 3, 4.



Q1. Had the captivity of both Israel and Judah been foretold by the prophets? Amos v. 1. and vii. 11. of Judah Jeremiah xiii. 19. xx. 4. and xxv. 28. and their treatment Psalms 137.

Q. 2. How long did it last?

A. 70 years, from 606 to 536 before Christ.


Q. 3. When did Daniel prophesy?


From the third year of Jehoiakim until the third year of Cyrus.

Q. 4. When were the remnant of the Jews carried away? A. About 588 years before Christ, see Jerem. lii. 30.

Q5. For what reason was Daniel and others brought into the king's palace? (Chap. 1.)

Q. 6. For what were the four children distinguished?

Q. 7. Who were called to interpret the king's dream? (Chap. 2.) Q. 8.

Relate the prayer of Daniel and the occasion

of it?

Q 9. What did Daniel say to Arioch, and what did he do when brought into the king?

Q. 10. Relate Daniel's interpretation of this dream? This was 602 years before Christ.

What did Nebuchadnezzar do when he

Q. 11. heard it? Q. 12. What image did Nebuchadnezzar set up, and what did he command concerning it?

Q. 13. Why were Shadrach, Meshacli and Abed-nego cast into the furnace ? About 14 years after the dream and about the time Zedekiah was taken captive. Q. 14. What did he do and say when he saw they were not hurt?


Q. 15. What was the amount of his proclamation to the people? (Chap. 4.) Q. 16. What was his second dream and how was it fulfilled? 24 to 27.-he was some time after, 7 years in a state of insanity, but recovered.

Q. 17. What is related of the 3d. king after him, called Labynit or in scripture Belshazzar? (Chap. 5.)

Q. 18. How was this interpretation fulfilled? 30th and 31st verses. Darius king of Persia and Cyrus his son-in-law, take Babylon and Darius continues to reign until his death, when Cyrus succeeds. Thus ended the first great Assyrian empire, and the second MedoPersian began according to Dan. ii. 39. Isaiah xlv. 1. Jeremiah xxv. 12.

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Genesis x. 10. Babylon stood on both sides of the river Euphrates, about 500 miles it is supposed nearly east of Jerusalem, and was an immense city surrounded by a wall 350 feet high and 87 thick, and extending with the city about 60 miles in circumference, the whole number of streets were fifty, extending 15 miles. in length. Nebuchadnezzar's palace was an immense building, 60 furlongs in circumference, and his

image was 40 feet high, containing 1000 talents of gold. This city has long since been desolate, and the prophesy of Isaiah xiii. 19, &c. fulfilled.

Q. 19. What took place several years after this and when Darius was king? (Chap. 6.)

Q. 20.
Q. 21.

What plan was formed to destroy Daniel ?
What was done with him?

What occurred the next morning?
And after with his enemies?

Q. 22.

Q. 23.
Q. 24.
Q. 25.

What did the king say of the God of Daniel ?
When and where did Ezekiel prophesy?
A. At Babylon in the forepart of the captivity?
Q. 26.
Who succeeded Darius and when?

A. Cyrus about 536 years before Christ and in the year of the world 3468-issued the decree for the restoration of the captive Jews in the first year of his reign, according to the prophesy-repeat xliv. 28, and xlv. 1. of Isaiah.

Q. 27. How long after the decree of Cyrus did the Ahasuerus of Esther reign ?

A. If as is supposed he was the Artaxerxes of Ezra, and A. Longimanus he began to reign about 72 years after. Nehemiah ii. 1.-Ezra vii. 11.

Q. 28. By what means was Esther made queen ?Esther 1st and 2d chapters.


Q. 29. What important events took place during this period ?

A. Cambyses son of Cyrus conquered Egypt and destroyed that monarchy which is supposed to have stood better than 1660 years.

Q. 20. Who was Haman and what made him displeased with Mordecai?

Q. 31. What decree did he procure

Q. 32. What did Mordecai do when he heard it ? What passed between them and what did Esther determine to do?


Q. 34. What did she ask of the king? (Chap. 5.) Q. 35. What honours did the king bestow upon Mordecai and why?

Q. 36. When and where did Esther accuse Haman♪

What became of him?

How was Mordecai treated ?

Q. 37. Q. 38. Q. 39. How did this issue in respect to the Jews and their enemies?

Q. 40. Was the providence of God remarkably discovered in this? A. It was.

Q. 41. What eminent man soon after this was cup-bearer to this king? Nehemiah i. 1.

Q. 42. Repeat his prayer on hearing the distresses of his countrymen?

Q. 43. What did the king say to him and what was his reply? (Chap. 2.)

Q. 44. What did the king grant him? This was about 446 years before Christ.

Q. 45. How long was this after Ezra had gone to Jerusalem? A. About 12 years.



Q. 1. What did Cyrus say and what decree did he issue in the first year of his reign? Repeat 2 Chron. xxxvi. 23. and Ezra i. 1.



Q. 2. How many years does this book comprise ? A. About 70-from the year 3468 to 3538.

Q. 3. What tribes arose to return and what did they take with them ? (Chap. 1.)

Q. 4. Who was their leader? (Chapter 5.) Haggai i. 12.

Q. 5. How many returned and what did they give (Chap. 2.)

Q. 6. What was done in the 7th month? (Ch. 3.) Q7. When was the foundation of the temple laid, and what took place at this ceremony?


Q. 8. What prophets are supposed to have lived about this time?

A. Haggai, and soon after Zechariah, whose predictions and exhortations served to encourage them in rebuilding the temple. They both prophesied in the 2d year of Darius.

Q. 9. By what means was the rebuilding of the temple hindred and what was done in consequence?

Q. 10. What letter was sent to the king and what reply did he make?

Q. 11. Was this king the son of Cyrus ?

A. No. He is supposed to have been Smerdis the usurper who did not reign one year, and was succeeded by Darius son of the former Darius, and 3d King after Cyrus.

Q. 12. (Chap. 6.) What did Darius do when the decree of Cyrus was found? About this time lived Confucius.

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Q. 13. When was the temple finished and what was then done?

Q. 14. Where did Ezra go and how long was he gone?

Q. 15. Who was Artaxerxes the king at this time? After Cyrus his son Cambyses and Smerdis, Darius, Histaspes followed who is mentioned Ezra vi. 1. He was succeeded by Xerxes, and this Artaxerxes was his successor the one mentioned in Ezra vii. 11.-in Nehemiah ii. 1. and the Ahasuerus of Esther-this being about 78 or 9 years after the decree of Cyrus.

It is however impossible to determine. Some suppose the Ahasurus of Esther was Darius Histaspes--some Darius Ochus, and some Xerxes Its here supposed to have been Artaxerxes Longimanus.

Q. 16. What decree did this king give Ezra ?

Q. 17. What took place as Ezra was returning with company near the river Ahava ?


Q. 18. What did they do when they arrived in Je

rusalem ?

Q. 19. Why did Ezra mourn, and what took place at the evening sacrifice? (Chap. 9.)

Q.20 By what regulation was the evil prevented?


Q. 21. What was done with their strange wives?

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