Initials and Pseudonyms: A Dictionary of Literary Disguises

T.Y. Crowell & Company, 1886 - 606 pages

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Page 248 - A | Journal | of the ] Proceedings | in The Detection of the Conspiracy | Formed by | Some White People, in Conjunction with Negro and other Slaves, | For Burning the City of New- York...
Page 317 - The commissioners appointed under the fifth article of the treaty of amity, commerce and navigation between the United States and Great Britain, to ascertain the river which was truly intended under the name of the river St.
Page 12 - REAL LIFE IN LONDON : or, the Rambles and Adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq., and his Cousin, The Hon. Tom Dashall. By an Amateur (Pierce Egan). With 31 Coloured Plates by Alken and Rowlandson, etc.
Page 217 - How we Spent the Summer; or, a Voyage en Zigzag in Switzerland and Tyrol with some Members of the ALPINE CLUB.
Page 219 - Revelation ; or, the salvation of all men the grand thing aimed at in the scheme of God, as opened in the New Testament writings and entrusted with Jesus Christ to bring into effect.
Page 40 - An Oration upon the Beauties of Liberty, or the Essential Rights of the Americans, (published in Boston in 1772 and in its fourth printing by 1773) vehemently attacked the enslavement of the Negroes, demanded their immediate liberation, and affirmed...
Page 23 - A Modest Inquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency...
Page 225 - ... and terrible storm, Dame Partington, who lived upon the beach, was seen at the door of her house with mop and pattens, trundling her mop, squeezing out the sea-water, and vigorously pushing away the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic was roused. Mrs. Parting-ton's spirit was up ; but I need not tell you that the contest was unequal. The Atlantic Ocean beat Mrs. Partington. She was excellent at a slop, or a puddle, but she should not have meddled with a tempest. Gentlemen, be at your ease — be quiet...
Page 217 - A Letter to Adam Smith, LL.D., on the Life, Death, and Philosophy of his Friend, David Hume, Esq. By one of the People called Christians.
Page 9 - Lights on the Way : Some Tales within a Tale. By the late JH ALEXANDER, BA Edited by HA PAGE. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

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