The Discovery of the Mind: In Greek Philosophy and Literature

Courier Corporation, 1960 - 323 pages
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In this immensely erudite book, German classicist Bruno Snell traces the establishment of a rational view of the nature of man as evidenced in the literature of the Greeks- in the creations of epic and lyric poetry, and in the drama. Here are the crucial stages in the intellectual evolution of the Greek world: the Homeric world view, the rise of the individual in the early Greek lyric, myth and reality in Greek tragedy, Greek ethics, the origin of scientific thought, and Arcadia.

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Review: The Discovery of the Mind: In Greek Philosophy and Literature

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It is a startling moment when one realizes that 'consciousness' as we understand it, is fluid and changing over human developmental time. By readings in Julian Jaynes, and other authors who speak ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Greek Lyric
Among the Early Greeks
Comparison The Origin of Scientific Thought The Discovery of Humanitas and
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