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in our own righteousness, but in the hope and confidence of that glorious mercy by which thou hast sent thy blessed Son to redeem miserable and lost mankind. humbly beseech thee to grant that this commemoration of his death, which thou hast ordained to be a means of salvation to us, may not become an occasion of our condemnation, but of pardon of our sins, and the renovation of our souls.

Grant this, O God, for His sake, who is the food of our souls and the joy of our hearts, the object of our faith and hope, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

We bless and praise thy name, 0 eternal Father, most merciful God, that thou hast vouchsafed to admit us this day to a participation of the holy supper. Be pleased, therefore, of thy infinite goodness to grant that the holy communion which we have this day received, may not be to us unto judgment and condemnation : but may it be comfort to our souls, health and safety in every temptation; joy and peace in every trouble; light and strength in every word and work; support and defence in the hour of our death; and grant that no unclean thing may be in us, who have been admitted to thy holy table.

From the fountains of mercy, let all those upon whom the name of Jesus is called," receive confirmation and increase of grace, fruitfulness in good works, and perfect understanding in the way of godliness.' Defend, O God, thy church, and preserve her from all heresy and scandal, from factions and schism, from all that persecute the truth, and from all that work wickedness, and let not the gates of hell prevail against her, nor any evil come near to hurt her.

Give thy blessing, O God, to this nation. Reinember us for good and not for evil. Be reconciled unto us in the Son of thy love. Send us health and peace, justice and truth, good laws and good government; thy holy religion unalloyed, undisturbed ; temperate air, seasonable showers, wholesome dews, fruitful seasons. • Crown the year with goodness, and let the clouds drop fainess,' that we may glorify thy name, and confess thy bounty while thou bearest witness to us from heaven, “filling our hearts with food and gladness.'

With a propitious eye, and a tender pity, behold the miseries of mankind; put a speedy period to all our sins, and to all our calamities. Hear the sighings of the distressed, the groans of the sick, the prayers of the oppressed, the desires of the poor and needy; support the weakness of them that languish and faint, ease the pains of them that are in affliction and call to thee for help. Take from the miserable all tediousness of spirit and despair ; pardon all the penitents, reform the vicious, confirm the holy, and let them be holy still ; pity the folly of young men, their little reason

and great passion; succor the infirmities and temptations of the aged, preserving them, that they may not sin towards the end of their lives, for Jesus Christ's sake.

Admit, О blessed God, into the society of our prayers, and the benefits of thy mediation, our fathers and brethren, our wives and children, our friends and benefactors, our charges and relatives, all that have desired our prayers and all that need them, all that we have and all that we have not remembered. Thou knowest all their joys and their sorrows, their hopes and their fears, the number of their sins and the measures of their repentances; sanctify them and us, let our portion be in religion and purity, in the peace of conscience, and the joys of the Holy Ghost, in the love of thee and of our neighbours. O gather us and number us with the blessed, when thou wilt, and in what manner thou art pleased : only let us appear before thee without shame and without sins, through the merits of Jesus Christ, our most merciful Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

O holy and eternal God, who has commanded us to pray unto thee in all our necessities, and to give thanks unto thee for all our instances of joy and blessing, and to adore thee in all thy attributes and communications, thy own glories, and thy eternal mercies; give unto me, thy servant, the spirit of prayer and supplication, that I may understand what is good for me, that I may uniformly desire, and wisely choose whatever will most conduce to my improvement and edification, and to thy honor and glory. Sanctify my heart and spirit, that I may sanctify thy name, and that I may be gracious and accepted in thine eyes. Give me the humility and obedience of a servant, that I may, also, have the hope and confidence of a child, making humble and confident addresses to the throne of grace; that in all my necessities I may come to thee for aid, and may trust in thee for a gracious answer, and may receive satisfaction to all my doubts, and supply to all my wants.

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