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Give me a sober, diligent, and recollected spirit in my prayers, neither choked with cares, scattered by levity, discomposed by passion, nor estranged by inadvertence, but fixed fast on thee, the object of my fear and hope, of my dread and confidence. And let the beams of thy Holy Spirit descending from above, enlighten and kindle it with devout fervor, holy importunity, and unwearied industry, that I may serve thee, and obtain thy blessing, ever worshiping thee with holy worship. • Let my prayers come before thy presence, the lifting up


my hands be an evening sacrifice,' and let the fires of zeál not go out by night or day; but unite my prayers to the intercession of the holy Jesus, and to a communion of those offices which angels and beatified spirits pay before the throne of the Lamb, and at the altar of heaven. Grant this, O God our Father, for the merits, and by the redemption and intercession of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Othou gracious Father of mercy, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me, who bow my head, and my knees, and my heart unto thee; pardon and forgive me all my sins. Give me the grace of true repentance, and a strict obedience to thy holy word : strengthen me with the power of the Holy Ghost, for all the parts and duties of my calling and holy living : preserve me for ever in the unity of the church, in the integrity of the christian faith, in the love of God, and of my neighbours, and in hope of life eternal.

Give, O King Eternal, out of the infinite store-houses of thy grace and mercy, give unto all persons dedicated to thee and to religion, meekness, faith, and holiness, humility, patience, and charity: give unto the poor a competent support, a contented spirit, and a treasure in heaven hereafter. Give unto distressed and scrupulous consciences, to melancholy and disconsolate persons, a light from Heaven, great grace, proportionable support, and timely deliverance; give them patience and resignation ; let their sorrows be changed into grace and comforts, and let the storm waft them, safely, to the regions of rest and glory.

Lord God of mercy, give to all christians constancy, prudence, and hope, a full faith, and a never-failing charity. Take from us all fear of death, all remaining affections to sin, all imperfections of duty, and grant us to die full of grace, full of hope. Call into the church all strangers: increase the number and holiness of thine own people. Fill us full of devotion and charity, repentance and sobriety, holy thoughts and longing desires after heaven, and heavenly things; a d give to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, a supply of all their needs temporal and spiritual, and according to their several states and necessities, rest and peace, pardon and hope, and shew to all who return to thee, mercy in the day of judgment. Amen.

O mysterious God, ineffable and glorious Majesty ; what is this that thou hast done to the sons of men ? Thou hast sent from thy bosom thy Son to take upon Him our nature; in Him thou hast opened the fountains of thy mercy, and hast invited all

penitent sinners to come to be pardoned, all the oppressed to be eased, all the sorrowful to be comforted, all the sick to be cured, all the hungry to be filled, and the thirsty to be refreshed and sustained with the waters of life. Admit me, O God, to this great effusion of loving-kindness, that I may partake of the Lord Jesus, that by Him I may be comforted in all my griefs, satisfied in all my doubts, healed of all the wounds of my soul, and the bruises of my spirit; and being filled with the bread of heaven, and armed with the strength of the Spirit, I may begin, continue, and finish my journey through this valley of tears, unto my portion of thy heavenly kingdom, whither our Lord is gone before to prepare a place for the souls that love him. Grant this, o

eternal God, for his sake who died for us, and inte redes for us, our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus. Amen.

O eternal God, the fountain of all truth and holiness, in whom to believe is life eternal ; let thy grace descend, with a mighty power, into my soul, beating down every strong hold and vain imagination, and bringing every proud thought, and my confident and ignorant understanding, into the obedience of Jesus. Take from me all forwardness and turbulence of spirit, all ambition and private interests; remove from me all prejudice and weakness of persuasion, that I may, wholly, resign my understanding to the dictates of christianity, acknowledging thee to be the principle of truth, thy word the measure of knowledge, thy laws the rule of my life, thy promises the satisfaction of my hopes, and an union with

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