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O make me to love thee, as I ought, above all things; and let the interest of thy honor and thy glory be ever dearer to me, than my own will or reputation, or any temporal advantage whatsoever.

Subdue in me the evil spirit of wrath and revenge; and dispose my heart patiently to bear reproaches and wrongs, and to be ready not only to forgive, but to return good for evil.

Assist me, O Lord, more especially, in the faithful and conscientious discharge of the duties of that station in which thou hast placed me: [make me a kind and affectionate husband, a careful and loving father, a prudent and discreet master.*] And grant that I may employ all the abilities and opportunities which thou shalt give me, for thy glory, and the good of those committed to my care.

Confirm me, O God, in all my holy de

* This is to be varied or omitted, as it suits every one's condition.

sires and resolutions; and Oh do thou keep it forever in the purpose and resolution of my heart, to love, and serve, and obey thee, through Jesus Christ, our Blessed Lord and only Saviour; in whose words I recommend the wants and necessities of all mankind, together with my own.

O almighty God, who hast promised to hear the petitions of them that ask in thy Son's name; I beseech thee mercifully to incline thine ear to me, that am pow come before thee, to offer up my prayers at the throne of grace, in the name and through the mediation of the beloved son; for his sake, O Lord, I beseech thee, to look upon me with compassion. And since thou hast taught me to call thee Father, O make me to render unto thee the love and obedience of a child.

Give me a holy disdain of the deceitful pleasures, honors, and riches of the world;

and so raise my mind, above the things of this life, that I may always have my conversation in heaven, from whence I look for my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Strike such an awe into my heart, that I may humbly reverence thy name, which is great, wonderful, and holy, and fear nothing so much as thy displeasure. And 0 do thou establish thy throne, and rule forever in my soul and by the mighty power of thy grace subdue in me all those rebellious and corrupt affections that exalt themselves against thee; that being a faithful subject of thy kingdom of grace here, I may not fail to attain thy kingdom of glory hereafter.

Enable me, O Lord, by thy grace, cheerfully to submit to thy will in all thy dispensations, and readily to perform all thy commands. Give me that heavenly zeal to thy service, wherewith the blessed angels of thy presence are inspired; that I may never be weary of well doing, nor slacken my endeavors after the attainment of everlasting life ; but obeying thee with the like fervor

and alacrity that they do, I may be joined with them to sing eternal praises to God, and to the Lamb forever.

O Lord, vouchsafe me that continual supply of thy grace and Holy Spirit, which may sustain and nourish my soul unto life eternal; and be thou pleased also to provide for my body, whatever in thy great wisdom thou seest to be fitting for me.

O Lord, I confess I have, by my sins, rendered myself unworthy of the daily bread thou feedest me with ; but, О let thy tender mercies abound towards me, in the forgiveness of all my sins; and since I have much to be forgiven myself, make me always ready to forgive others likewise, and to endeavor, as much as is possible, to be merciful, even as thou my Father in heaven art merciful.

But because the frailty of man without thee cannot but fall, O do thou strengthen me against the many temptations which daily assault me. Leave me not under the power and dominion of sin, but save me, and deliver me for thy mercies sake in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Most merciful and gracious God, who of thy great goodness didst give thy Son Jesus Christ to take

upon him our nature, and to humble himself to death, even the death of

the cross ;

I beseech thee, by his infinite condescension, by his perfect obedience, and by his meritorious sufferings; not only to pardon my past sins, but to endue me with power and strength to resist them for the time to


Replenish me with such supernatural gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit, as may enable me not only to act conformably to the light of my own mind, but make me readily obey thy heavenly motions, and constantly follow the precepts of the Holy Scriptures.

Give me a zealous sense of piety towards

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