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thee, my great Lord and Sovereign, and a due regard to all thy sacred and divine truths.

Let me reverence thy word and worship, and all things and persons dedicated, and devoted to thy peculiar service.

Let me submit to all the afflictions thou shalt think fit to lay upon me, with patience, and meekness.

Let me trust to thy providence, to supply me under all dangers and necessities.

And let me thankfully acknowledge thy bounty, for all those good things which thou so freely hast bestowed upon me.

Give me, O Lord, that divine wisdom, which proposes the pleasing thee, as the end and aim of all my actions; and which directs to all those means which thou hast graciously established for the working out my salvation.

That my precious time may not be employed in hunting after trifles; that my natural talents may not be buried and drowned in brutish sensuality; that my study may not be vanity, nor my labor folly; but that framing a right judgment in all things, I may fix my mind upon those pleasures which are at thy right hand, which are permanent and durable.

And that the great care and business of my life may be to obtain thy favor, who art the sovereign good of my soul, and who only canst satisfy all my desires.

To this end, inure me to spiritual objects by constant and fervent prayer, by entertaining my thoughts with pious meditations, by reading and hearing thy holy word with reverence and attention, and by frequently approaching thy altar with humility and devotion.

And above all, let a constant fear of offending thee, my God, put me upon my guard, and make me watchful amidst those imminent dangers and temptations that surround me in this my pilgrimage on earth.

Thou, O Lord, who resistest the proud, and givest grace to the lowly, endue me with true humility, the model of which thy

only Son traced out for the practice of the faithful. That I

may have a just sense of all my weaknesses and follies, and may readily submit to the meanest offices for the welfare and benefit of my fellow christians.

That I may restrain all immoderate desires of honor, by doing nothing through strise or vain glory ; and that I may never exalt myself upon the account of any advantage I enjoy of body or mind above others, by remembering that it is not the effect of my merit, but of thy infinite goodness, and distinguishing mercy.


O God, who knowest us to be set in the midst of so many and great dangers, that by reason of the weakness of our nature we cannot always walk uprightly; look, I beseech thee, with pity and compassion, upon my frailties and infirmities; and grant me such health of body and soundness of mind, that both in soul and body, I may evermore serve thee with all my strength and might, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

II. Grant me, O gracious Lord, a pure intention of heart, and a steadfast resolution to despise all vanity ; to spend my time religiously and usefully; to walk always as in thy presence; to preserve my body and soul in holiness, fit for the habitation of the Spirit of God. Amen.

III. O Lord, increase in me faith and devotion; replenish my heart with all goodness, and of thy great mercy keep me in the same. Give me a peaceable spirit, and a quiet life; a sober, patient understanding, and religious heart; a soul full of devotion to do thee service; and do thou make my services acceptable to thee while I live, and my soul ready for thee when I die. Amen.


O Lord, make me thankful to my benefactors; kind to my relations, and loving and charitable to all men, even my very enemies. Make me gentle, and easy to be entreated, slow to anger, and readily admonished; fully prepared, and thoroughly furnished for every good word and work. Amen.


O Lord, give me spiritual wisdom, that I may discern what is pleasing to thee, and follow what belongs unto my peace; and let the knowledge and peace of God, and of Jesus Christ our Lord, be my Guide and my portion all the days of my life. Amen.


To the King eternal, immortal, invisible. and only wise God, be all Honor and glory, thanksgiving and praise now and for ever



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