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Do I regard the virtues, talents and prosperity of my neighbor with real pleasure, instead of feeling any thing like envy, or murmuring at my own condition ?-Am I charitable to his failings, not rashly censuring, or judging him, not publishing his faults, when neither the glory of God, nor the good of others, requires it-ready to make restitution for any wrong that I may have committed, and disposed to reconciliation and forgiveness, when wronged or injured myself ?

In all cases of ordinary duty, is my conduct governed by the golden rule of christian justice, and do I do unto all men as I would that they should do unto me?

Do I relieve the wants and necessities of others according to my power, as being myself also in the body, and liable to the same wants, distresses and troubles with others ?

Is it my constant study not to hurt any one by word or deed ?—in his person, estate, or good name? To be true and just in all my dealings? not defrauding or overreaching ; not contracting debts without the hopes or design of payment ;-never transgressing the sacred obligations of truth for the sake of gain ; nor imposing on the credulous ,and ignorant, much less on the kind and confidential, by any unfair artifice, or dishonest conduct ?

Am I strictly honest in things of the most trifling nature, as well as in matters of the greatest consequence ?

Do I studiously 'keep my tongue from evil speaking, lying and slandering? Without inventing falsehoods myself, am I instrumental in giving them currency, and of thus injuring my neighbor, before I know what grounds there may be for the reports which I propagate? Or, on the contrary, do I vindicate his reputation, when wrongfully aspersed ? Do I ever tell lies to screen my faults, or to gain some selfish end, by assigning false motives and plausible pretexts for my conduct and behaviour ?

Am I careful of those of my family, my

friends and relatives, or any others that are committed to my care, to counsel, to comfort, to reprove, as occasion is given, and need requires ?

As a husband. Am I faithful to the solemn contract and engagement I have made in the presence of God?

Do I love, cherish, comfort and honor my wife ?-Do I bear with her weaknesses and infirmities?-Is my behaviour towards her prudent, flexible and obliging ?-Do I defend, protect, maintain and provide for her ?-Do I pray for her, and share in all her reasonable joys and sorrows?

As a wife. Do I love and honor my husband? Do I not provoke him, or publish his faults ?-Do I bear with his infirmities? Am I frugal in the management of my expenses,

with respect to the circumstances and condition of my husband ?-Do I restrain myself within those bounds that both reason, religion, and the condition of my husband require ?-Am I never careless in my behaviour towards him, not anxiously studying what I think will oblige and please him ?-Am I concerned in his joys and sorrɔws ?-Do I recommend him to the grace and protection of God in my prayers?

As a parent. Do I study to promote the real happiness and welfare of my children, by a wholesome and judicious mixture of paternal authority, watchfulness and affection ?-Do I embrace the earliest opportunities and use the most effectual means of bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord ?-Do I prefer their eternal interest to their temporal, and do I earnestly and frequently pray to God that, above all things, he will endue them with the gifts and graces of his Holy Spirit ? Do I teach them how to govern their passions, and to moderate their affection to worldly things, and encourage them, by my own example, to follow that which is good ?

Is there any thing capricious, unsteady, or tyrannical in my treatment of them? Is there any thing of evil tendency in my example? Is my affection so regulated as to be conducive to their real benefit? or is it foolish indulgence, and a weakness of passion, that is likely to make them undutiful and discontented, by giving them vain, selfish, and extravagant habits, combined with idleness and pride,—with wrong notions of themselves, and of their duty to others?

Is it more agreeable and delightful to me to pass my hours, my evenings, in the little circle of my children and family, than in brilliant, tumultuous companies ? And do I never leave those little ones, weak and corruptible creatures, to themselves, except from unavoidable necessity, or to the care of others, when they are in danger of suffering from my absence and neglect ?

As a child.

Do I love and succor my father and mother? Do I obey all their reasonable and lawful commands, and attend to their wise counsels and instructions ? Do I advise with them in affairs of consequence and concern to me? Do I bear with their infirmities, if they have any, of mind


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