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moral improvement ? Do I oppose the torrent of corruption, effeminacy, prodigality, luxury, when it prevails? Do I set others an example of industry, diligence, sobriety, temperance, modesty, prudence, piety ? -Do I set them an example of all the domestic and relative duties?


Gracious God, who has given us precepts and an example to walk by, let the remembrance of them be always seasonably present with me. Give me grace to practice them conscientiously. Let my love for thee and for my neighbour, keep me from all acts of injustice or injury to his person or good name. Let me never willfully vex or trouble him ;-never covet what is his, or envy his prosperity. May I ever be ready to help and comfort all such as are in distress! Give me grace to be faithful in all things committed to my trust ;—that I may never pervert truth and justice, never prop

agate slander, or raise evil reports, nor ever tempt others to sin. Give me the spirit of temperance and purity.' Give me grace so to order my conduct that I may promote the happiness of others, and encourage them to live as becomes the gospel of Jesus Christ, for whose sake I beg to be heard. Amen.

3. Of our duty to ourselves.

Have I'wisely considered the end for which I was created, that I might be the better able to direct all my thoughts, words, and actions to that end ?-As the means of discharging other duties, with constancy and effect, do I, as much as possible, control, and endeavor to suppress the sinful emotions of my own heart ?-Do I check, instead of indulging, evil thoughts and im- . aginations ? Do I avoid such scenes and amusements as are likely to excite them; or do they form a part of my favourite pleasures ?

When inclinations to indulge the frailties to which I am prone, are strongly felt, do I earnestly endeavor to counteract them, and pray for the gracious assistance of the Holy spirit, to enable me to overcome their temptations?

Am I not too susceptible of anger? Am I prone to envy, pride, and selfishness! Do I not commit excess in eating and drinking, in sleep or recreations? Do I frequently exercise myself in self-denial, that my flesh may be subdued, and my spirit prepared for the company, the enjoyment, and the pleasures of heaven?

Do I diligently improve the time, and the faculties with which it has pleased God to bless me; or am I addicted to the sinful indulgence of idleness, or unprofitable vanity, and the folly of desultory pursuits ? Do I seriously consider the shortness and uncertainty of life, and daily improve it to the best advantage ?

Do I feel the importance and benefit of constancy and perseverance, in every honourable profession, and useful calling, in which I engage ?

Am I always on my guard against the first approaches of intemperance and voluptuousness, considering the danger and rapid progress of vice ?

Do I studiously cultivate the christian virtues of humility, gratitude, resignation and contentment ?

Do I not suffer myself to be immoderately discomposed by events that are not in my power, and dissatisfied and uneasy in such circumstances as the good providence of God has placed me in ?-Does my spirit and my heart rise against them; or do I submit to them as the decrees and dispensations of sovereign wisdom and goodness ? -Do I account them absolutely evil, or means or methods to promote my benefit ? -Do they keep me aloof from God, or bring me nearer to him?

Do I never betray pride and haughtiness in word or behaviour ?

Do I not overvalue myself, and am I not too ambitious of the applause of men? Am I not too much affected by it, and have I not made it too much my end in any of my actions?

Am I addicted to ruinous expenses, or fond of a style of living beyond my means ? Do I shun bad company and bad books, duly reflecting, that evil communications corrupt good manners ?

Do I think, judge, speak of what is manifestly bad and vicious, with the disapprobation and abhorrence which it deserves; or do I allow myself to jest upon it, to laugh at it, and to entertain and divert myself and others with it, as with some indifferent matter?-Is vice equally contemptible to me in every form, in every garb, in every station,

, in every disguise whether coarse or refined ? Do I actually regard sin as the greatest of all evils, the only real evil? Am I more offended at it than at any outward defect; than at any other imperfection, and is its service and its dominion insupportable to me?

Which delights me most, the inward con

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