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D E M O N S T R A T E D.

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Printed for A. MILLAR, and J. and R. Tonsor,

in the Strand. MDCCLXV.

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ONTAINS an Examination of all the

Texts brought from the Old and New Testa-

ment to prove a future State of Rewards and Pu-

nishments did make part of the Mosaic Dispensation.

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Enters on an examination of the Texts brought
from the Old Testament; - - first from the book of
JOB —which is proved to be an allegoric Poem,
written on the return from the Captivity, and repre-
senting the Circumstances of the People of that time.

The famous words, I know that my Redeemer

liveth, &c. sewn to hgnify, in their literal sense,

the hopes of a temporal deliverance only, p. 104


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