A handbook for travellers in southern Germany [by J. Murray. 1st, 2nd] 3rd, 5th, 7th-9th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th ed. [2 issues of the 7th ed. The 15th ed. is in 2pt.].


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Page 138 - Proud names, who once the reins of empire held ; In arms who triumph'd, or in arts excell'd ; Chiefs, grac'd with scars, and prodigal of blood; Stern patriots, who for sacred freedom stood ; Just men, by whom impartial laws were given ; And saints who taught, and led, the way to Heaven...
Page 21 - ROWLANDS' KALYDOR, both cooling and refreshing to the face and skin. It allays all heat and irritability of the skin, eradicates eruptions, freckles, tan and discolorations, and realises a clear and healthy complexion. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle. ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL, an invigorator and beautifier of the Hair beyond all precedent. ROWLANDS...
Page 112 - Inside the 1. are the Adoration of the Magi, the Presentation in the Temple, and the. Death of the Virgin. These works show the influence of the school of Van Eyck and Memling; they were executed 1466.
Page 631 - Hotel, situated near the Kursaal, Promenade, and Theatre, commands one of the most charming views in Baden. The Hotel And- Dépendance consist of One Hundred and Sixty Sleeping Apartments, elegant Sitting-rooms, and a Garden for the use of visitors. Extensive and airy Dining-room, and a comfortable Public Sitting-room, with Piano and Library.
Page 89 - Hence in silence and in sorrow, toiling still with busy hand, Like an emigrant he wandered, seeking for the Better Land. Emigravit is the inscription on the tombstone where he lies; Dead he is not, — but departed, — for the artist never dies.
Page 24 - If properly prepared, there is no nicer or more wholesome preparation of Cocoa.— food, Water, and Air, DR.
Page 60 - Vanderwerf s manner, were I to say that all the parts everywhere melt into each other, it might naturally be supposed that the effect would be a high degree of softness; but it is notoriously the contrary ; and I think, for the reason that has been given, his flesh has the appearance of ivory, or plaster, or some other hard substance. What contributes likewise to give this hardness is a want of transparency in his colouring, from his admitting little or no reflections of light.
Page 61 - It is impossible to form an adequate idea of the powers of Rubens, without having seen this picture: he seems here to have given a loose to the most capricious imagination; in the attitudes and invention of his fallen angels, who are tumbling one over the other, " with hideous ruin and combustion, down to bottomless perdition" If we consider the fruitfulness of invention which is discovered in this work, or the skill which is shown in composing such an infinite number of figures, or the art of the...
Page 174 - Capuchin convent which stands on its summitWilkie says of Salzburg, " it is Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town brought within the cliffs of the Trosachs, and watered by a river like the Tay.
Page 49 - HANDBOOK TO THE ENVIRONS OF LONDON. An Account, from personal visits, of every Town and Village within a circle of twenty miles round the Metropolis, and the more important Places lying four .or five miles beyond that boundary. Alphabetically arranged. By JAMES THOBNE, FSA With Index of Names.

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