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and suffer hunger; but they which seek the Lord shall want no manner of thing that is good. Lord, what am I, that my Saviour should become my food, that the Son of God should be the meat of worms, of dust and ashes, of a sinner, of him that was his enemy? but this thou hast done to me, because thou art infinitely good, and wonderfully gracious, and lovest to bless every one of us, in turning us from the evil of our ways. Enter into me, blessed Jesus; Let no root of bitterness spring up in my heart; but be thou Lord of all my faculties. O let me feed on thee by faith, and grow up by the increase of God to a perfect man in Christ Jesus. Amen. Lord, I believe, help mine unbelief.

Glory be to God the Father, Son, &c.

After receiving the Cup of Blessing.

It is finished, blessed be the mercies of God revealed to us in Jesus Christ. O blessed and eternal High-Priest, let the sacrifice of the cross, which thou didst once offer for the sins of the whole world, and which thou dost now and always represent in heaven to thy Father by thy never-ceasing intercession, and which this day hath been exhibited on thy holy table sacramentally, obtain mercy and peace, faith and charity, safety and establishment to thy holy church, which thou hast founded upon a rock, the rock of a holy faith; and let not the gates of hell prevail against her, nor the enemy of mankind take any soul out of thy hand, whom thou hast purchased with thy blood, and sanctified by thy spirit. Preserve all thy

people from heresy and division of spirit, from scandal and the spirit of delusion, from sacrilege and hurtful persecutions. Thou, O blessed Jesus, didst die for us: keep me for ever in holy living, from sin and sinful shame, in the communion of thy church, and thy church in safety and grace, in truth and peace, unto thy second coming. Amen.

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Dearest Jesu, since thou art pleased to enter into me, O be jealous of thy house and the place where thine honour dwelleth: suffer no unclean spirit or unholy thought to come near thy dwelling, lest it defile the ground where thy holy feet have trod. O teach me so to walk, that I may never disrepute the honour of my religion, nor stain the holy robe which thou hast now put upon my soul, nor break my holy vows which I have made, and thou hast sealed, nor lose my right of inheritance, my privilege of being co-heir with Jesus, into the hope of which I have now farther entered: but be thou pleased to love me with the love of a father, and a brother, and a husband, and a lord, and make me to serve thee in the communion of saints, in receiving the sacraments, in the practice of all holy virtues, in the imitation of thy life, and conformity to thy sufferings: that I having now put on the Lord Jesus, may marry his loves and his enmities, may desire his glory, may obey his laws, and be united to his spirit, and in the day of the Lord,


may be found having on the wedding-garment; and bearing in my body and soul the marks of the Lord Jesus, that I may enter into the joy of my Lord, and partake of his glories for ever and ever. Amen.

Ejaculations to be used any Time that Day, after the Solemnity is ended.

Lord, if I had lived innocently, I could not have deserved to receive the crumbs that fall from thy table. How great is thy mercy, who hast feasted me with the bread of virgins, with the wine of angels, with manna from Heaven!

O when shall I pass from this dark glass, from this veil of sacraments to the vision of thy eternal charity; from eating thy body, to beholding thy face in thy eternal kingdom!

Let not my sins crucify the Lord of life again: let it never be said concerning me, The hand of him that betrayeth me is with me on the Table.

O that I might love thee as well as ever any creature loved thee! let me think of nothing but thee, desire nothing but thee, enjoy nothing but thee.

O Jesus, be a Jesus unto me. Thou art all things unto me. Let nothing ever please me but what savours of thee and thy miraculous sweetness.

Blessed be the mercies of our Lord, who of God is made unto me wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.

He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. Amen.


KEYMER, Printer and Publisher,
King-street, Yarmouth.


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