God's Unchanging Word: A Topical Study of Selected Biblical Subjects

AuthorHouse, 2002 - 136 pages

Overwhelmed by her lonely, loveless life, Sari Downey quickly became restless after returning home from entertaining the troops as a dancer. She knew she had to get out of this one-horse town, where she had been laughed at and looked down on all her life.

Marrying her childhood sweetheart, Charlie Downey, to get away from her father, Sari quickly realized she had made a terrible mistake. Charlie had taught her to fear intimacy between them. His constant humiliation took away the only thing she had left her pride. Drumming into her head that she was frigid and completely useless, Sari was more than happy when he threw her out, replacing her with the new woman of the week. While overseas, Charlie sent her divorce papers to sign, to which she gladly complied.

Then her sister suggested they buy a fruit farm in Texas, with the stipulation Sari was to go alone to Texas to run the farm. Knowing she would never remarry, she took the only option open to her. She agreed to her sister's plan, even though she had no clue as to what she would do once she arrived in Texas.

Arriving in Texas, Sari found herself up to her neck in deep troubles, not understanding the language of her Mexican workers, plus having to deal with her overseer who had been robbing her blind, and finding the farm in a shameful condition, not fit for wild animals to live in. And if that weren't enough, some evil, sick person was raping and killing the worker's children.

As much as Sari hated the idea, she knew she would have to hire a man who she could trust to help her. In the back of her mind, a man's face surfaced. A very handsome young Mexican Marine, Brando Torres. She had met him during the war, when he asked her to dance. His words kept coming back to haunt her, "When this war is over, I will come for you." When she told him in explicit words what he could do, and how to get there, Brando had laughed, and then became serious. He warned her it was no joke, "I am your destiny." Would she dare hire this man, knowing he would be a danger to her?

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