A Catalogue of the Library of the Athenaeum, Liverpool

Harris and Company, 1820 - 404 pages
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Page 94 - The Tragedies gathered by Jhon Bochas of all such Princes as fell from theyr Estates throughe the Mutability of Fortune since the creation of Adam until his time ; wherin may be seen what vices bring menne to destruccion, wyth notable warninges howe the like may be avoyded. Translated into English by John Lidgate, Monke of Burye.
Page 222 - Munimenta Antiqua, or Observations on Ancient Castles, including Remarks on the whole Progress of Architecture, Ecclesiastical, as well as Military, in Great Britain, and on the Corresponding Changes in Manners, Laws, and Customs, tending to illustrate Modern History, and to elucidate many Interesting Passages in various Classic Authors,
Page 223 - DRESSES AND HABITS OF THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND, from the Establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the present time ; with an Historical and Critical Inquiry into every branch of Costume.
Page 4 - The holy Bible or the Books accounted Sacred by Jews and Christians: otherwise called the Books of the Old and New Covenants: faithfully translated from corrected texts of the Originals with Various Readings, Explanatory Notes and Critical Remarks, Vol.
Page 36 - Bibliotheca Britannica ; or, a General Index to the Literature of Great Britain and Ireland, Ancient and Modern, with such Foreign Works as have been translated into English, or printed in the British Dominions : including also a copious Selection from the Writings of the most celebrated Authors of all Ages and Nations.
Page 263 - Domesday, as far as relates to the county of York, including also Amounderness, Lonsdale, and Furness, in Lancashire, and such parts of Westmoreland and Cumberland as are contained in the Survey, also the Counties of Derby, Nottingham, Rutland, and Lincoln. With an Introduction, Glossary, and Indexes by the Rev. William Bawdwen, Vicar of Horton Pagnall, Yorkshire.
Page 118 - WORKS. With an Essay on his Life and Genius by ARTHUR MURPHY.
Page 305 - The Journal of Science and the Arts, edited at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, published quarterly, Bd.
Page 147 - A series of adventures in the course of a voyage up the Red Sea, on the coasts of Arabia and Egypt ; and of a route through the Deserts of Thebaïs, hitherto unknown to the European travellers, in the year 1777...
Page 30 - Apostolici: or the History of the Lives, Acts, Death, and Martyrdoms of those who were contemporary with, or immediately succeeded, the Apostles. As also the most eminent of the Primitive Fathers for the first three hundred years.

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