PROTESTANTISM - the Dark Night of Christianity

Lulu Press, Incorporated, 2007 - 304 pages
Protestantism -- the dark night of Christianity is a condensed segment from the story 'dark night of the Soul', interwoven with Islam as a schism. Therefore, Protestantism is the dark night of Christianity making- both Islam and Protestantism a form of the Antichrist, which is an unholy alliance with evil, in any form, being an antagonist opposing the principles and ideology of Jesus Christ by defying God. Here the protagonist must wrestle with his own identity as he moves through his distorted life not only as a sinner but also as a renegade opposing Christ preferring his own principles to the logic of historical facts. Protestantism is many things to many people but the frightening truth is Protestantism is a form of the Antichrist and each Protestant church and cult are but tentacles of the Beast, the pride of Satan.

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G.P. Geoghegan, a native of New Jersey, born in Paterson, NJ.

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