Physiology of the Soul and Instinct As Distinguished from Materialism 1872

Kessinger Publishing, 1 août 2003 - 720 pages
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With supplementary demonstrations of divine communication of the narratives of creation and the flood. Although the present purports to be the third edition of the author's physiological work on the soul & instinct, originally published in 1848, it is, nevertheless, rewritten & enlarged from the last edition with a view to an extension of the facts, and to the relationship of the subject to momentous doctrines in revelation. Partial Contents: demonstration of the soul; doctrines in materialism; materiality or immateriality of the soul; correlation of equivalence; facts & arguments in behalf of the materialist doctrines; materialism, pantheism, & atheism; narratives of creation & the flood; antiquity of man; theoretical geology; analysis of the narrative of creation; physiology of instinct; demonstration of instinct; creation & organization of the earth; the flood; the coal formations.

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