The Western Theory of Tradition: Terms and Paradigms of the Cultural Sublime

Yale University Press, 2000 - 293 pages
This dual phenomenon Budick calls the cultural sublime, and he traces it in literary, philosophical, and artistic works from Homer, Virgil, and the Bible to Rembrandt, Milton, Kant, Baudelaire, Freud, and Sarraute."--BOOK JACKET.

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Table des matières

Descartes Kant and Rembrandt
Rembrandt and Jeremiah and Isaiah and Ezekiel
Hegel and Virgil
Virgil Homer Kant
The Matrilineal Muse of Homer Virgil Dryden Pope and T S Eliot
Wordsworth and the Days of Dryden and Pope
Miltons and Ezekiels Sublime Melancholia
Goethes Manifold Tasso
Baudelaires and Delacroixs Tasso roulant un manuscrit
Freuds Experience of Death in His Tassovian Line of Thought
Sarrautes Feminine Sublime of Culture
In Memory of Our Son Yochanan
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Sanford Budick is professor of English, chair of the Department of English, and founding director of the Center for Literary Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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