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Page 7 - An English-Saxon homily on the birthday of St. Gregory; anciently used in the English-Saxon church. Giving an account of the conversion of the English from paganism to Christianity. Translated into modern English, with notes, by Eliz. Elstob. London, Printed by W. Bowyer, 1709.
Page 5 - A Discourse concerning the Inventions of Men in the Worship of God.
Page 26 - A sommary Description, manifesting that greater Profits are to bee done in the hott than in the cold Parts off America : also Advertisement for Men inclined to Plantations in America.
Page 10 - British topography : or an historical account of what has been done for illustrating the topographical antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland.
Page 9 - The Jesuits Memorial, for the intended Reformation of England, under their first Popish Prince.

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