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To thee, my God, to thee alone.
The errow of my heart are known ;
Olet me, in th'accepted hour,
In prays to thee my Spirit pour.

Gear Lord, and and

Boring soul display

Thy mercy's all-enliving say; Look down, eternal God! look dower, Schold me, but without a frown.

And 6 while pussol with ills she,
State a petying eye;

bast on my

And let thy mercy to my quif In full sofficience guild schief. Merrick


25 NOV 1827

Omary Sonect the drew fy hour

with Cortitude divine


Sustaind by thine almighty, frown

The conquest must be mine:
Gps Steele

hoan't thy spirit ! – By Why kindness Letony errors be forgiven:


Steal my sins, disper ony Kindness; Then - conduct me safe to heaven!

[blocks in formation]

Engiveness of sin upon consession
Obeissed souls are they

whose sins are coverd ver!
divinely blest, to whom the Lord
Emputes their
i guilt no more!

They mourn their follier post,
And heep their hearts with care;
their lips and liver without deceit,
Shall Grove their souls sincere

While I conceald my guilt,
I felt the festring wound;
But I renounced my former sens,
And beauce and pardon found.
Let sinners barn to pray;
Let saints heep near the throne ;
Sour help in times of deep distrips,
: found in God alone . Watts.




ALMIGHTY and eternal God! Thou art the High and Holy One, who dwellest in that light unto which no mortal can approach; but thou art ever gracious and compassionate, our Father in heaven, tenderly concerned for the happiness of all thy creatures; may I, thy rational creature, ever esteem it my highest honour and distinguished privilege; that I am capable of contemplating the perfections of thy nature.

Conscious of my weakness, I bow before thee, the Father of my Spirit and the author of every good and perfect gift, humbly and earnestly imploring thy aids to animate me to the exercise of every devout, benevolent and



virtuous disposition; to fortify my good resolutions, and to make me superior to every temptation and difficulty in the Christian


Look down with compassion, O Father of mercies, on thy frail and dependent creature, surrounded with wants, which I cannot of myself supply; beset with dangers and snares, which I cannot foresee, or prevent; and liable, every moment of my life, to be seduced by temptations into the paths of error and folly. Never leave me to myself; never forsake me, O God of my salvation; conduct me with innocence, safety and honour, through the various stages of mortal life : and when thou hast answered all the ends of thy providence by me here on earth, may I finish my course with joy, and have an abundant entrance administered unto me into thine everlasting kingdom.

Enable me, O God of wisdom, to make a wise and faithful improvement of the seasons

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