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and means of religious edification. May I, this day, worship thee, the one infinite and eternal spirit, in spirit and in truth. May my heart be affected with deep humility, with fervent gratitude, with ardent devotion, when I join my fellow-creatures in offering up the acknowledgements of homage and praise to thee, our benevolent Creator, to thee, our unwearied benefactor; in whom we live, move, and have our being. May I engage in the several acts of public worship with pious affections, and with such dispositions of mind as become the disciple of the blessed Jesus. May I receive the principles and sacred lessons of divine evangelical truth and wisdom, into a candid, teachable, unprejudiced heart. May thy word dwell richly and habitually in me, becoming the spring of consolation and the rule of conduct.

May the opportunities of religious improvement, sacred to devotion and virtue, be my delight. May all who profess to believe in thee, O God, and in Jesus Christ, thy mes



senger and prophet, whom thou hast sent, improve these seasons to the sacred purposes to which they are subservient. May all worshipping assemblies be animated by the true spirit of prayer and devotion. May thy blessing accompany the preaching of the everlasting gospel. May all its ministers be enlightened, faithful and zealous; and may the truth, as it is in Jesus, display its divine energy, in the instruction of the ignorant, the conversion of the sinner, and the edification of the serious Christian, in knowledge, holiness and comfort.

May I meet those with whom I shall worship this day, in the Christian spirit of affection and charity. With hearts united by one faith and one hope, may we, as the disciples of one master, Jesus Christ, bow before thee, the one God and Father of all. May our souls taste all the pleasures of religion, and of social devotion. May I, at length, be found worthy to meet my fellowworshippers before thy eternal throne in hea




there to adore thee in the sublimest anthems of homage and praise; and to be united to the saints of all ages, and to the angels of light, for ever to celebrate thy perfections, to enjoy thy favour, and to magnify that love, which hath called us to eternal glory through Jesus Christ. Amen.


O GOD of my adoration and trust, thou art most condescending, gracious and beneficent. Thou dost invite thy rational and dependent creatures to draw nigh to thy throne, to worship thee and to seek thy favour. Drawn by thy goodness, I have, this day, joined the assembly of pious worshippers, and united with them in offering up the tribute of homage and praise to thee, the parent of all. I praise thee, O God of my life, for a day of rest and devotion. I praise thee for the renewed opportunities which thy



providence hath afforded me to wait upon thee in thy earthly courts, to receive the instructions of heavenly truth, and to pour out before thee, in sacred fellowship with the professors of the same faith, and the heirs of the same hope, our prayers and supplications. Accept my humble and fervent thanksgivings for my participation in the privileges and happiness of those who behold the displays of thy grace in the house of prayer, hear the joyful sound of salvation, and are addressed with the words of eternal life. I bow down before thee, O Lord, my God, in the consolatory persuasion, that amongst the thousands and ten thousands who have united to celebrate thy perfections and implore thy mercy, not one sincere, humble and grateful wor shipper is overlooked and forgotten by thee, whose eye is over all, whose ear listens to the breathing of every devout heart. devout heart. I humbly and greatly rejoice in the hope, that my prayer hath ascended to heaven, and that my adorations and praises have been accepted.

It becometh me to admit the languor and imperfections of my religious services, my listlessness in the duties of piety, my inattention to the truths of religion, and to the things which belong to my everlasting peace. I bow before thee, the Father of spirits, under the cheering and encouraging conviction that thou wilt approve sincerity, that thou hast pity on them that fear thee, and beholdest thy frail creatures with compassion.

May my lips be tuned to thy nobler praise; may my heart burn with a more pure and ardent flame of devotion; may my ears be more open to instruction; and may my prejudices yield to the power of heavenly truth. Be merciful to my great infirmities, assist my weaknesses, and invigorate and strengthen every sentiment of piety and virtue, of which I am conscious. May it not be in vain that I have waited on thee, and have heard the word of the gospel. May devotion be with me not the employment of an hour or of a day only, but my habitual temper. May the doctrine of salvation be my daily study. May

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