Le royaume de Navarre à la fin du Moyen Age: gouvernement et société

Brookfield, Vt., USA, 1990 - 308 pages
This book is concerned with the political and socio-economic history of the kingdom of Navarre in the 14th and 15th centuries. Although not large, compared with Aragon of Castille, Navarre does present a particular interest, due to its position and because the evolution of its social and political structures followed a course distinct from that in other Spanish lands. A notable instance is the positive attitude towards the Jewish population, the subject of the last group of articles. Other studies look at political life at the court and at the individual foreign policy of the ruling Evreux dynasty during the long wars of the period; they also examine, on one level, the particularities of its governmental and urban structures, and on the other, the careers and fortunes of some of the country's leading personalities. Throughout, the author makes extensive use of the unpublished documentation preserved in the archives of Navarre.

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