A Course of Mathematics: In Three Volumes : Composed for the Use of the Royal Military Academy ...

F.C. & J. Rivington, 1811

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Page 52 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Page 1 - Geom.) is an arc of any circle contained between the two lines which form that angle, the angular point being the centre ; and it is estimated by the number of degrees contained in that arc.
Page 79 - A diameter is any right line, as AB or DE, drawn through the centre, and terminated on each side by the curve ; and the extremities of the diameter, or its intersections with the curve, are its vertices. Hence all the diameters of a parabola are parallel to the axi?, and infinite in length.
Page 23 - Being on a horizontal plane, and wanting to ascertain the height of a tower, standing on the top of an inaccessible hill, there were measured, the angle of elevation of the top of the hill 40°, and of the top of the tower 51° ; then measuring in a direct line 180 feet farther from the hill, the angle of elevation of the top of the tower was 33° 45' ; required the height of the tower.
Page 245 - May-pole, whose top was broken off" by a blast of wind, struck the ground at the distance of 15 feet from the foot of the pole ; what was the height of the whole May-pole, supposing the length of the broken piece to be 39 feet ?
Page 250 - Then say, As the weight lost in water, Is to the whole weight> So is the specific gravity of water, To the specific gravity of the body.
Page 263 - It is determined, we find, as a certain fraction of the length of a pendulum vibrating seconds in the latitude of London.
Page 27 - To find the area of a parallelogram, the length being 12-25, and height 8-5. 12-25 length 8'5 breadth 6125 9800 104-125 area . Ex. 2. To find the area of a square, whose side is 35'25 chains. Ans. 124 acres, 1 rood, 1 perch.
Page 72 - ARTIFICERS' WORK. ARTIFICERS compute the contents of their works by several different measures. As, Glazing and masonry, by the foot ; Painting, plastering, paving, &c, by the yard, of 9 square feet : Flooring, partitioning, roofing, tiling, &c, by the square of 100 - square feet : And brickwork...
Page 72 - ... the whole length of the upper part of the hand-rail, and girt over its end till it meet the top of the...

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