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Church, [277]. Vide ALT KATHOLI. proclamation issued by Government, ex.

plaining their reasons for capitulation,
Omer Pasha, Obituary notice, 149.

[165]; armistice extended, [170]; dis.
ORANGE PROCESSIONS at New York, riot satisfaction at the Convention for the
and loss of life, 293.

German partial occupation, [171];
ORLEANS PRINCES, elected members of peace signed, [ib.]; entry of German

National Assembly, [167]; hold court troops, [174]; their departure, [175].
at Chantilly, [215]; take their seats in PARIS.-Second Siege of, [186]; fight at
the National Assembly, [217];

Courbevoie, [ib.] ; great sortie on the
OSBORNE, MR., Speech on Westmeath 3rd April, [187]; ending in complete

Comunittee, [45]; Speech on Army failure, (188); proclamation by Com-
Bill, [55]; Speech on the Budget, mune threatening reprisals, [189] ; pro-

gress of siege by Versailles troops, [191];
Oscar, Prince of Sweden, lays the foun. attempts at mediation, [195]; Ver-

dation-stone of a new Scandinavian sailles troops enter on 21st May, [198];
Church at Rotherhithe, 78.

the Communists set fire to principal
OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE BOAT RACE, buildings, [ib.]; shoot the hostages,

[199]; Belleville captured, (ib.); last
OUTRAM, SIR JAMES, memorial unveiled, struggle at Père la Chaise, [200]. Tide

PARLIAMENT opened by the Queen, [22];

her Speech read by the Lord Chancellor,

[ib.]; debates on the Address, [26].
PATTEN, COLONEL W., Speech on West-

meath Committee, [42].
PAINTINGS destroyed by the fire at PATTESON, BISHOP, Murder of, 128;
Holker Hall, 27.

Obituary notice, 158.
Bill, [53].

notice, 143.
PALGRAVE, MR. F. T., Lyrical Poems, PEACE SOCIETY meets at Lausanne in

September, [272].
Palais ROYAL, PARIS, A portion burnt PEDRO, EMPEROR OF BRAZIL, visits
by the Commune, [201].

Europe, [305].

Royal Warrant for abolition of pur- affairs, [30]; speech on Westmeath
chase in the Army, [83].

Committee, [42].
Pan-SLAVISM, under the headship of PENNETHORNE, ŠIR JAMES, Obitnary

Russia a favourite cry with revolution- notice, 159.
ary spirits, [278]; Extract article PENTRE PIT, Explosion at, 24.
in “St. Petersburg Gazette" on the PÈRE DUCHESNE, organ of Demagogues in
question, [ib.].

Paris during Commune, permitted to
Paris, Diary of a besieged resident in, live, [195].

PÈRE LA CHAISE.—The scene of the last
Paris, Correspondence between Lord struggle of the Commune, [200].

Lyons and the British residents in, 270. PÉRONNE capitulated, [154].
Paris MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS, [207]. PERSIA, Famine in, [306].

Léon Say and Vautrain a deputation to Advocate General ad interim, 315.
the City of London from, 115.

“ PHYSICAL FORCE," Mr. Crookes on,
Paris besieged and bombarded, [148]; [373].

New Year's Day, [149]; Forts Nogent, PIGEON SHOOTING, Lords and Commons
Rosny, and Noisy silenced, [150]; Match at Hurlingham, 65.
sortie on 13th Jan., [151]; sortie on Plato, Mr. Jowett's edition of, [338].
18th Jan. the supreme effort of the PLURALIST, A, 20.
defence, (ib.); proved a failure, [152]; PLYMOUTI, Election of a Conservatire
disaffection at Belleville, [ib.]; General member, [100].
Trochu resigns bis military command

POETRY, Books of, [353).
to General Vinoy, [ib.]; the emeute of POLLARD-URQUHART, MR., Obituary no.
the 22nd Jan. stifled, [161]; owing to tice, 154.
provisions getting exhausted, capitula- POLLOCK, SIR GEORGE.-Installation as
tion decided on, and negotiations for an Constable of the Tower, 137; appoint.
armistice completed on 28th Jan.,

ment, 316.
[162]; rations sent in by the Ger- PONDICHERRY, the rumoured Cession of,
mans, and large consignments of pro- contradicted, [4].
visions despatched from London, [163]; PONTARLIER, Battle at, [160].


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Pook, EDMUND, Trial of, for the Murder hurries there again on the Prince's
of Jane Maria Clousen, 229.

relapse, 134.
POPE, The, holds Court at the Vatican, “QUEEN OF THE THAMES,” Wreck of the,

[255]; Law of Guarantee of Italian 30.
Parliament, [ib.] ; celebrates his Jubilee QUEEN VICTORIA STREET opened, 122.
on 16th June, [256]; “Allocution,'

[259]; ; speech on 27th Nov., [261].
Pope's CORRESPONDENCE, edited by El-

win, [331].
PORTUGAL, (271).

RACES, The Two Thousand Guineas, 51 ;
PosTMASTER-GENERAL, Mr. Monsell ap- The Derby, 55; The Oaks, 56 ; Ascot
pointed, 314.

Cup day, 61; Goodwood, 77; Don-
POTOCKI, COUNT, Minister-President of caster, 99; 2nd October Newmarket

Austro-Hungary, resignation accepted, Meeting, 111.

RAILWAYS, [141].
POTTER, CIPRIANI, Obituary notice, 159. RAILWAY, North British, Accident at
POTTER, MR. SECONDARY, Obituary no• Ferry Hill, 115; London and North
tice, 152.

Western, Accident at Wigan, to Scotch
POUYER-QUERTIER, M., Finance Minis- Express, 127; Manchester, Sheffield

ter of France, signs Treaty of Peace at and Lincolnshire, Accident near Wort.
Frankfort, [202]; propositions in Com- ley Station, 136.
mittee of the Budget, [205]; rejected, RAILWAY SERVANTS, Movement for
and a reformed financial scheme pro- Shorter working Hours, Meeting at
mised, [206]; discussed, [211]; presents Manchester, 123; Meeting at South-

financial statement to Assembly, [218]. wark, 134; Formation of Amalgamated
POYNTER, CAPTAIN, Action for 10,0001. Society, ib.

damages against Mr. J. G. V. Porter RAMSAY, ADMIRAL, Obituary notice,
for Assault, 11.

PRIVY COUNCIL JUDICIAL COMMITTEE Rano, one of the Members of the Com.

Bill introduced by Lord Chancellor, mune of Paris, resigns, [192].
and passed, [100]; the appointments “ RANGOON,” Wreck of the, 119.
under the Act, [124].

READING New Grammar School opened
PROMOTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS, 314. by Lord Chancellor Wood, 99.
Provisions, Importation of, [143]. RED RIVER SETTLEMENT, vide MANI-

of the Emperor at opening [241]. REICHSRATH, Austro-Hungarian, meets
PUBLIC DOCUMENTS AND STATE PAPERS, on 20th February, [244]; Dissolved,

[247]; Meeting on 27th December,

PULPIT Politics in Germany, Bill to REICHSTAG, Parliament of United Ger-

prohibit, introduced by Von Lutz, the many, Elections for, [222]; First

Bavarian Minister, and passed, [237]. meeting on 21st March, and opening
“Punch” discussed at Dover Young Speech of the Emperor, [231]; Re.
Men's Christian Association, 27.

assembles at Berlin on 16th October,
PURCHAS, REV. MR., 24; Report of trial, [234]; Emperor's Speech, ib.

RENFORTI, JAMES, Sudden death at
PURCHASE IN THE ARMY.-History,[69]; International Boat Race, at New Bruns.

Debates in Parliament, [71]; abolished wick, 88.
by Royal Warrant, [76]; text of Royal “REPRESENTATION AND ROYALTY,” A
Warrant, 304.

Lecture at Newcastle by Sir Charles
Prat, Felix, Member of Committee of Dilke, (121).
Safety, Paris, [192].

REPUBLICAN Club in London, meeting

of London Democrats to establish, 38.

Clerkenwell-green, 45; Demonstration
QUEEN, The, opens Parliament, [22]; in Hyde Park, 47.

Letter to the people on the Recovery of REPUBLICAN, RED, PARTY IN Paris, Bel.
the Prince of Wales, [147]; at the leville, its stronghold, [149]; dissatisfac.
marriage of the Princess Louise, 32; tion at failure of sortie of 19th January,
opens the Royal Albert Hall, 38; visits rescue of Flourens from the prison of
the Einperor Napoleon, 44 ; opens St. Mazas and attack on the Hotel de Ville,
Thomas's Hospital, 67 ; reviews the [152]; their exasperation at the Ger-
household troops at Bushy Park, 70; mans being allowed to partially occupy
returns to Windsor, 127; visits the Paris, [171]; Organization by a so-
Prince of Wales at Sandringham, ib.; called - Central Committee,” [175];
many, 316.

appropriate cannon and mitrailleuses, Derby, 55; the Oaks, 56; the St.
and fortify Montmartre, [176]; re- Leger, 100.
fuse to deliver up their cannon, ROUMANIAN FACTIONS, [281].
[177]; Attempt by the Government ROUMANIAN RAILWAY Bonds, their
to carry off the cannon defeated, repudiation the subject of discussion
[ib.]; the streets barricaded, and between Prince Bismarck and Count
Generals Thomas and Le Comte shot, Beust at Gastein, [231]; Convention
[178]; Descent from Montmartre and acknowledging the Roumanian obliga.
seizure of Hotel de Ville, (179); Pro. tions agreed to by the Government,
clamation of Central Committee for [281].
Communal Elections, (ib.); Massacre of ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION, [361].
the Place Vendôme, (183]; Elections ROYAL WARRANT for Abolition of Pur.
on 26th March, [184]; Installation of chase, Text of, 334.

the Commune, [185]. Vide COMMUNE. RUDSDELL, SIR JOSEPH, Obituary no-
REPUBLICANISM, A new development of, tice, 155.

by Sir Charles Dilke, [120]; not RUSSELL, EARL, Letter on Army Reform,
sympathized with by the lower classes, [20].

RUSSELL, MR. ODO, Ambassador to Ger-
SCIENCE, [308].

Russell, MR. Scott, and his New
RICHMOND, DUKE OF, Speech in Lords Social Movement, [118].

on Army Bill, [73]; Motion against Russia, [275]; Lord Augustus Loftus,
the Army Bill passing a second reading to be Ambassador to, 315.
till the House had a comprehensive RYves, Mrs., Obituary notice, 165.
Plan before it, [76]; Moves Yote of

Censure on the Ministry, [77.]
RIPON, MARQUIS OF, takes charge of
Ballot Bill in House of Lords, [86];
Member of Joint High Commission at SAGASTA, Señor, becomes President of the
Washington, [285]; Speech at Banquet Spanish Cabinet, [270].
at New York to British Commission of St. DOMINGO.—Commission of Enquiry
Treaty of Washington, [287].

as to its Annexation to the United
RIVET, M., Propositions in National States, [283].
Assembly, [210].

ST. GEORGE's Day at St. Petersburg,
ROBERTSON, T. W., Obituary notice, [278].

St. LEGER, The, won by Hannah, 100.
Robinson, SIR SPENCER, Dismissed St. Paul's ISLAND, H.M.S. “Megæra"

from Admiralty, [69]; Correspondence runs ashore, 96.
regarding, [ib.)

ST PETERSBURG.-Celebration of St.
ROCHEFORT, HENRI, quits Paris in dis- George's Day, [278]; Outbreak of

guise, and falls into the hands of the cholera, (ib.].
Versaillists, [195]; Tried and sentenced ST. QUENTIN, Battle of, [154].
to transportation for life, [214].

St. Thomas' HOSPITAL, Opening of new,
Rock, Dr., Obituary notice, 163.

Rocror surrendered, [153].

SAISSET, ADMIRAL, appointed Com.
ROLT, SIR JOHN, Obituary notice, mander of National Guard of Paris,

[182]; issues proclamations, [184];
ROME, Rival Courts at, [255]; The retires to Versailles, (ib.].

Capital of Italy transferred to, [257]; SALA, MR. G. A., Action for libelling,
Visit of the King, [ib.]; Celebration 18.
of anniversary of entry of the Italian SALISBURY, MARQUIS OF, Speech on
Army, [258]; First Italian parliament Army Bill, [75].
meets at, [260].

SALZBURG. Interview between the
Rossel, LOUIS NATHANIEL, Aide-de-camp Emperors of Germany and Austria and

to General Cluseret, [190]; Succeeds new Chancellors, [231, 232].
him as Minister of War, [192]: attempts SANDHURST, BARON, Speech at West-
to reorganize the National Guards, minster Hall, [18]; Speech on Army
[196]; establishes different commands, Bill, [73].
lib.] ; resigns, [ib.); Trial at Versailles Saragossa, Interview between King
and condemnation to death, [213]; Amadeus and Espartero at [269].
Shot, [214].

SAY, M. LÉON, Prefect of the Seine, at
ROTHERUITIE, the foundation stone of the Mansion House, 114.

a new Scandinavian Church laid, 78; SCANDINAVIAN CHURCH, New, in Rother.
Fire in granaries at, 137.

hithe, laying of the foundation stone,
POTISCHILD, BARON Winner of the 78.

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SCARBOROUGH, Visit of the Prince and SMITHFIELD CLUB CATTLE SHow, 132.
Princess of Wales, 127.

SMYTH, Mr. P. J., promotes meeting in
SCARLETT, GENERAL SIR JAMES Y., Phænix Park, Dublin, for liberation of
Obituary notice, 165.

Fenian prisoners, [103]; meeting dis-
SCHENCK, GENERAL, accepts Mission persed, and riot, [ib.]; Address to

of United States to England, [283]; people of Ireland after meeting, [ib.].
arrival in England, 58.

“ SOCIAL ALLIANCE, NEW,” movement of
SCHAMYL, the Circassian Chief, Obituary Mr. Scott Russell, 118.
notice, 149.

SCIENCE, Retrospect of, [368].

many convenes meeting of working men
SCOTLAND.- Education Bill introduced at Berlin, [242].
and dropped, [61].

Social Science CONGRESS, Meeting at
Scott, Sir Walter, Centenary cele- Leeds, 105.
brations, 81.

Scottish CORPORATION DINNER, 129. pointed, 316.
SCOTTISH UNIVERSITIES. Election of SULLY, DR., Obituary notice, 159.
Lord Rectors, 124.

Spain.-History of the year, [263].
Scully, Mr. Vincent, Obituary notice, SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS.-

Mr. Denison's retirement, Mr. Brand's
SEAHAM, Colliery explosion at, 118.

election, [145].
SEEMANN, DR., Obituary notice, 162. SPIRITUALISTIC Phenomena tested, [373].
SELLA, SIGNOR QUINTINO, Finance SPITZBERGEN.–Project forits annexation.
Minister of Italy, [262].

by Sweden objected to by Russia,
SERRANO, MARSHAL, formally resigns the [274].

Regency of Spain, [263]; becomes STANSFELD, MR., President of the Poor
President of the Cabinet, [266]; re- Law Board, [68]; President of Local
signs, [267].

Government Board, 315.
“SEVEN Points," The, and new Social STEPHEN's, MR. LESLIE,“ Playground of
Movement, [116].

Europe,” [350].
SHAFTESBURY, Life of the first Lord, STEPHENS', Miss C. E., " The Service of

the Poor,” (346].
SHAW, SIR CHARLES, Obituary notice, notice, 147.

STORKS, SIR HENRY, Speech on Army
SHEFFIELD, Colliery explosion near, 7; Bill, [53].
underground fire at, 64.

STOWMARKET, Explosion of gun-cotton

at, 82.
ary notice, 149.

STRIKES, 134; prevalent, [125]; 9050
SHERIFFS for 1871, 317.

engineers at Newcastle, [ib.]; of tele-
SHIPWRECKS. The “Queen of the graph clerks, [126]; among workmen
Thames, 30; the Megara," the in Germany, [241].

Underley,” 102; the “ Three Sis- SUCCESSION DUTIES, Increase of, pro-
ters," 103; the “Rangoon," 119; the posed, [63]; withdrawn, [65].
“Norfolk Hero,”131 ; the “ Delaware,” SUFFRAGE, FEMALE, Bill introduced by

Mr. Jacob Bright, but defeated, half
SHOEBURYNESS, Annual Meeting of adhered to by Mr. Gladstone, [92].

the National Artillery Association at, SUMNER, MR., opposes President Grant

in desire for annexation of St. Domingo,
SIEGE OPERATIONS AT CHATHAM, 117. [283]; at head of the Republicans in

the United States Senate, [285]
SLAVERY.–An Act passed by Brazilian removed from the chairmanship of the

Chambers to abolish it entirely through- Committee on Foreign Relations, [286];
out the Empire, [305].

speeches in Senate on his removal and
SMALL-POX.- Epidemic in London, [22]; the Washington Treaty, [ib.]
prevalent in Paris, [149].

Sun, The, outdone, 17.

- Inquiry into its management, 121. ney, [100].
SMITH, Rev. R. PAYNE, D.D., to be Dean SWEDEN, [274].
of Canterbury, 314.

SMITH, MR. W. H., carries resolution as foundation stone of a new Scandinavian

to leasing land beside Thames Ein- Church at Rotherhithe, 78.

bankment to Board of Works [91]. SWEDEN, QUEEN OF, Obituary notice,
SMITH, Bishop, Obituary notice, 165.

SMITH, John ABEL, Obituary notice, SWINBURNE's, MR., “ Songs before Sun.

rise,” [354].

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SWITZERLAND.-80,000 French soldiers | TREVELYAN, MR. GEORGE, agitates for

“interned” as prisoners, [160]; (272). abolition of purchase, [3]; Speech on
SYMONDS, DR., Obituary notice, 164. Introduction of Army Regulation Bill,

and resolutions on Army Administra.
tion, [35]; reply to attacks on him in

speeches on Army Bill, [53].
TAIT, ARCHBISHOP, Letter on Purchas Trials, REMARKABLE, 166.
Judgment, (143].

TALBOT, CONSTABLE, assassinated, 76; duced by Mr. Fawcett and discussed,

trial and acquittal of Kelly for Murder, 88.

TROCHU, GENERAL, Governor of Paris,
“ TAMMANY RING,” The New York, during the siege. [150]; seemingly
[293]; its total defeat, [295].

paralyzed by the difficulties of his posi-
TARPEY, MARTHA, Trial of, for Diamond tion, Cib.]; directs the sortie of 19th Jan.
Robbery, 224.

in person, [151]; resigns his military
TARPEY, MICHAEL, Trial of, for Diamond coinmand, [152].
Robbery, 228.

TUILERIES, The Palace of the, burned by
TELEGRAPHIC Associations for the pro. the Commune, [199].

tection of Employés, [126] ; disapproved Turin, Rejoicings at, on opening of Mont

of by the Post Office authorities, 131. Cenis Railway tunnel, [258].
TELEGRAPH CLERKS, Strike of, [126]. TURKEY, [280]
TENNYSON's, MB., new Idyll of the King, TYNDALL'S, PROFESSOR, “Hours of Exer-

cise on the Alps,” (349).
Thames EMBANKMENT, Inquiry into

rights of Crown to land lying beside the
Western portions, [91]; motion of Mr.
W. H. Smith adopted, [ib.].

ULTRAMONTANES, Prince Bismark dimin.
THIERS, M., returned to National Assem.

ishes their influence on the Public
bly from twenty departments, [168]; Worsbip and Education Department in
chosen bead of Executive Administration, Prussia, [230].
[169]; his private house demolished,

“ UNDERLEY," Shipwreck of the, near
and his Art Collections confiscated

Bonchurch, 102.
by order of the Commune, (195); finan. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, [2827.
cial statements, [205]; proposes a UNIVERSITY TESTS BILL, Reintroduced
national loan, (ib.); opposes interfer- and carried, [87].
ence on behalf of Pope's temporal power, UNIVERSITY BOAT RACE, 42.
[206]; his position, [210]; elected

URBAIN, one of the Members of the
President of the French Republic, [211].

Commune, tried at Versailles, [213].
Thomas, GENERAL, shot by Red Repub.

licans of Paris, [178].
THOMPSON, SIR W., President of the

British Association, [374]; Speech at
opening, [ib.].

VALENTIN, GENERAL, appointed Prefect
THUNDERSTORMS, 64, 72, 86.

of Police in France, [177].
TICHBORNE TRIAL, (144); Report, 210. VAMBERY, M. ARMINIUS, on the Persian
TILLETT, MR., unseated for Norwich, 8. Famine, [306].
TINNEY, MR., Obituary Notice, 163. VAUTRAIN, M., President of the Municipal
TORRENS, MR. McCULLAGH, Motion for Council of Paris, at the Mansion House,

limiting increase of Income Tax to one 115.
penny, [67].

VENDÔME, PLACE, Massacre of the, [183];

Column in, destroyed, [195].
TRADE IN THE UNITED STATES. - Extract VERNER, BART., Sir W., Obituary notice,

from Article by Mr. Wells in North 144.
American Review, [289].

VERSAILLES, New Year's Day at, [149];
Trade COUNCIL, First general meeting, Peace negotiations at, [171]; the

Prussian head-quarters broken up,
TRADES UNION Bull introduced by Mr. [175]; Selected by the National As.
Bruce, (36); passed, [88].

sembly for the centre of legislation and
TRAFALGAR SQUARE. Demonstration government, (176); the Journal Offi.

Meeting in favour of France, 10; De- ciel removed to, [179] ; first sitting of
monstration Meeting against endow. the National Assembly at, [189];
ment to Prince Arthur, 79; Meeting concentration of troops at, [186]; Com.
congratulating the engineers of New- inunist Trials at, [213.)

castle on the result of their strike, 11 2. VICTOR EMMANUEL, King, arrives at
Travels, Books of, [318].

Rome, [257]; Speech at opening of

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