Nomenmyx: A Nomenclatural Taxabase of Myxomycetes

Editorial CSIC - CSIC Press, 2001 - 219 pages
The Myxomycetes are a well defined and relatively homogeneous group of eukaryotic organisms, formerly considered as fungi, that are common inhabitants of terrestrial ecosystems throughout the world. NOMENMYX, is an inventory of names used in the literature. It is linked to a major project INFOMYX that is designed to facilitate, by means of databases, the job of the taxonomist, of the herbarium keeper and authors of taxonomic and floristic manuscripts, including checklists, inventories, catalogues, mycobiotas, and maps. It is hoped that this list will be of some use to myxomycetologists as well as mycologists, parataxonomists, curators, biogeographers, ecologists, environment specialists, and other scientists, to facilitate their work with these organisms and for the interpretation of their names.

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List of accepted names
Invalid excluded or doubtful names
Index of authors of myxomycete names
Index of periodical abbreviations
Index of epithets
Index of new combinations 221
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