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3. GAMBLING is an evil in society, and it ought every where to be spoken against. The minister, the christian, and the moralist should unite their testimony to oppose it. The youth should be most faithfully warned to flee from it, and never stain their bands nor their characters with the pernicious game. The attendant vices of gambling, are lying, cheating, swearing, and drinking, and sometimes fighting, and who that is wise would not wish to avoid all these ? A person possessing a good mind cannot wish to take from his fellow-mortal large sums of money for nothing ; but all this the gambler will do. Then be advised, my young friends, nev. er to allow nor indulge yourselves in gambling.

4. INTEMPERANCE next claims our consideration. This of all the evils endured in society is one of the greatest and most to be dreaded. It is with regret I say it, some of the best people, otherwise, are overtaken in this fault and are ruined. How miserable and wretched are those who are the subjects of intemperance. They can experience nothing which should bear the name of real comfort; neither are they capable of affording felicity to others. This evil, in all probability, so ruinous in its tendency, comes chiefly by habit. It imperceptibly gains the victory over feeble man, benumbs his reason and all the powers and faculties of his nature. Intemperance destroys genius and all the excellencies of a virtuous mind, and leads its subject on, many times, to commit the highest offences which break and disturb the

peace of society. It is the sole cause and foundation of inany diseases which terminate in death. Seeing it is so, why will we not let reason hold its empire over our appetites, and refuse the poisonous draught, which causes us to to die a lingering death ?

To speak of all the distress and trouble which are produced in the world by dissipation, is more than I can do, it is more than I am capable of performing, and were the one half told us relating to it, 1 trust it would produce in our hearts unspeakable sorrow. The few remarks here made on this point are such as I have collected by reading and observation, and it is hoped that they may serve as a seasonable and friendly caution to warn you against dissipation which leads inevitably to ruin.

Having reflected upon the character of those evils which have been introduced, and keeping in view these things ; let us turn our attention to the latter part of our subject, and speak of those who grow up as plants in their youth, and are as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace. Such are the youth who are delivered from the wickedness of strange children and have become virtuous in their conduct. That you may sustain these characters, and be ornaments in society, my young friends, I would propose a few things for your serious consideration.

1. You are commanded in the Scriptures to remember your Creator in the days of your youth. This is the first duty enjoined on you, and it should be regarded in the most careful manner. Every opportunity which is granted you should be faithfully improved in the consideration of that kind Being who is the author of your existence, and who affords you numberless blessings. The Bible will instruct you that he is your Creator, preserver and merciful benefactor. It will teach you that he is love, and that his mercy endureth forever. In addition to all this, the Bible assures you that God sent his Son to seek and save you from all your sins. If you realize this, I am sensible you will be determined to spend the remainder of your days in serving God, and in rendering him that praise which is his due. You will renounce youthful vanities and be engaged in the sublime and delightful enjoyments of religion. Then how happy will you be! Christ will appear precious, the chiefest among ten thousand, and the one altogether lovely. Christians will be to you like brethren, and you will gladly hail them as your dearest friends. Possessing such feelings as these, it may truly be said, that you as plants have grown up in your youth ; that you are as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a pal


2. After you have rendered praise to God for his goodness, and have felt his love in your hearts, your next duty is to your earthly parents. Kindness and obedience you must ever show them. This claim they have on you as their tender offspring. You are to consider that they sustained you in your infantile weakness. They have been your support in childhood, and thus far in the season of youth. Their anxiety for your future welfare is great. They are continually meditating on things for your good. How can you repay them for all this ? Again, let me say to you, be kind, courteous, and obedient to them. Never have the vanity to suppose that you have more experience than they ; for this is disgusting to them and to all other persons of good information. Remember that they are in the decline of life, and need your assistance, not more, however, than you once needed theirs. Not more helpless and dependent can they be, than you have once been. How delightful to see children and youth obedient to their parents and guardians. It gives evidence they have a sense of their duty, that they have read their Bible, which strictly enjoins it on children to love and obey their parents, and serve their masters and guardians with fidelity. Perhaps your parents may sometimes oppose your wishes and think that it is not proper that you should be indulged in your desires. Think not, I pray you, that they are unfriendly to you on this account; they love you, and therefore they oppose you in the gratification of unreasonable desires. Depend upon it, your parents

will let you have every thing which will be for your good to the full extent of their ability; and tho they sometimes cross your inclinations, it will be done from the purest principles of love. Therefore never murmur nor complain at their doings; never present to them a sullen look nor angry word. The few gentle hints I have given you on parental affection, and on the importance of loving and obeying your parents, I hope will be duly received, and that you may have much reason to bless God that he has given you light and information respecting your duty to parents.

3. My young friends, you are to consider that you are made social beings, that your happiness and misery are connected with the happiness and misery of the society where you belong. It is, therefore, an important duty of yours, to strive to live in peace, cultivate friendship and love with all your rates and friends, and if you should be so unfortunate as to have enemies, which is the lot of all, more or less, do then no harm; render them assistance when they need as cheerfully as you would any others. As Jesus says, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and do good to them that hate you, that you may be the children of your father which is in heaven."

To conclude. My friends, let me entreat you to "follow

peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.Strive to do all the good you can in the world, and avoid all the evil. Be persuaded to love Christ and follow him. And as your youthful days are pleasant, so may you be establishing your characters for a useful and happy life. Your aged parents who now sit in these seats, will ere long be removed from this mortal - abode to the world of spirits, and you will be called on to take their places. May you be qualified for every duty in subsequent life, and honorably discharge your trust in every calling, then will you

indeed "be as plants grown up in their youth, as corner stones” in the moral temple, “polished after the similitude of a palace.” And when you are done with earthly things, may you be received to that "bouse not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.”—Amen.


For the Repository. PRAYER.ADDRESSED TO CHRISTIAN PARENTS. Is it not a matter of deep regret that many of the professed followers of Christ, should neglect to cultivate those gifts which tend to strengthen our faith, animate our zeal, and purify the heart—that is, secret and family prayer? It is to be feared that there are but few if any who have not- who do not now to a greater or less degree, neglect these important duties. We doubt not there are many who delight in frequent secret communion with God, but who totally neglect family worship. It is assuredly astonishing that a Christian father should possess that degree of piety as that they should be led like David, morning, noon and night, to pour out their hearts in prayer to God, and yet they should never allow their family or friends to unite with them--that they should be willing to hide so great a source of bliss from those under their influence. Did those parents who accustom themselves to secret prayer, realize the importance of family worship, they would not, we trust, neglect it. It is from a want of this realizing sense of duty, or from causes inconceivable to me, that so many are thus negligent, are willing to make more exertions to frame excuses for its neglect, than would be necessary for its performance. Because we do not refer to any express declarations of scripture to enforce this rite, say not therefore, it is not important. For whatever is in our power to do which would tend to render ourselves, or those under our influence more truly happy--that would lead to the love of God, of

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