I Love Rock 'n' Roll (Except When I Hate It): Extremely Important Stuff About the Songs and Bands You Love, Hate, Love to Hate , and Hate to Love

Penguin, 2 août 2011 - 224 pages
Music breeds duality. We enjoy the music we love-listening to it, talking about it, reading about it. But it's just as fun to passionately revel in mocking the music we hate. Fortunately, musicians make this two-lane path very easy to follow. Half the time they're creating timeless works of art that speak to the soul; the other half, they're recording ridiculous concept albums about robots.

I Love Rock 'n' Roll (Except When I Hate It) covers both sides: It celebrates the music world's flashes of genius, the creation of masterpieces, and the little-known stories...as well as the entertainingly bad ideas. Armed with a healthy dose of Brian Boone's humorous asides and lively commentary, you'll learn extremely important stuff like:

? How bands got their stupid names
? All alternative rock bands directly descend from Pixies
? The most metal facts of metal in the history of metal
? The secret lives of one-hit wonders
? The story behind "Layla," and other assorted love songs about George Harrison's wife
? What is quite possibly the worst song in rock history

Boone also reveals terribly useful information like chart trivia, the rules of music, lists, and many more origins, meanings, and stories about everyone's most loved and loathed musicians.

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Table des matières

The Opposite of Selling Out
Working Titles of Major Albums
Concert Clichés
When a Song Rocks So Hard That All You Can Do Is Form Your Hand Into a Menacing Demonic Gesture
How Bands Got Their Stupid Names
That Song I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means
We Dont Hear a Single
Obsessive Chart Trivia
Obsessive Chart Trivia About 1 Songs
Obsessive Album Chart Trivia
The Most Metal Facts ofMetal in the History of Metal
Lets Try Something Else
Going Solo
They Didnt Mean to Steal That Song Except That Maybe They Did

Under the Covers
Sequels to Songs
The Unlikeliest 1 Hits Ever
Whatever Social Ill U2 Was Upset About That Day
A Childrens Garden of Beatles References in the Works of Oasis
Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs About George Harrisons Wife
So Was They Bonin or Was They Not Bonin?
A Secret Identity
The Secret Lives of OneHit Wonders
Musical Chairs
Bands and Solo Acts in Which the Titular Member or Named Person Is Not the Lead Singer
Here Is Some Smart Guys
Six Fifth Beatles
Youre Incorrigible
Going Disco
The Merch Table
Is the Grammy for Best New Artist Cursed?
Concept Albums
Tipper Gore and Only Tipper Gore Cares About Your Children
The Filthy 15
Hate the Player
The Worst Song of All Time
The Worst Idea in Music History
Banned from MTV
You Can Be Replaced
Lets Get the Band Back Together Wait Lets Not I Just Remembered That I Wish You Were Dead
Rock Stars Do the Deadliest Things
The Rules
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