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To the Editor of the White Dwarf.

Having communicated an extract respecting the state of masonry in France, during the reign of Buonaparte, I cannot dismiss this subject without noticing the use, or rather abuse, which was made of Secret Societies in that ill-fated country, (as well as in others,) to subvert the monarchy and to spread anarchy all over Europe. Though this will necessarily lead us back to old dates, yet the same principles, and the same spirit, are now actively at work in several countries; and the Illuminati are, to this day, the chief agents and panders thereof. Educated by Jesuits, Weishaupt, the founder of the society of the Illuminati, adopted their maxims; and though his society was locally suppressed in Bavaria, through the Jesuits, (the best thing they ever did,) yet another Jesuit, Sieyes, found means to unite their clashing interests; and the highest degrees of all secret societies, with one solitary exception, are now under the supreme direction of a set of occult chiefs, (or superiors unknown to the brethren) who lead them all under very different, even heterogeneous mysteries, in order to effect their object of ruling the world. This is their "Grand OEUVRE, qui est autre chose que la pierre philosophale,” as the book des erreurs et de la verité (their gospel) significantly expresses it, which is written in a kind of cypher, not intelligible to all. In this cypher (by the cabalistical method called notarijekon,) every letter of the word OEUVRE stands for the initial of another word; and accordingly it is to be decyphered thus: Ordo Erit Universi Victor Romana Ecclesià; i. e. the order will be the conqueror of the whole world, by means of the Romish Church. To promote their object of ruling, they care not what means they employ, for "the end sanctifies the means." Assuming every shape, they lead enthusiasts of all kinds by the nose, in very different societies, so that each individual may find a lure, adapted to his own wishes. Astrology, magic, alchemy, theosophy, mystics, legendary lies, (and what are even the silly tales of the royal arch?) mimicry of religious rites, with an admixture, quantum sufficit, of Roman Catholic superstition, which the gulls may admire till they are ripe to turn papists, or at least to advocate * what

* I will speak out, though I do not mean to allude to any individual in particular. I combat principles, not persons. But let every advocate for the

is called the Roman Catholic emancipation; † whilst the free-thinkers may burst through the cobweb, and deride their religious mockery as much as they list;-exorcism, animal magnetism, implicit obedience to unknown superiors, pretended new lights, the empire of reason, the restoration of the golden age, liberty and equality, cosmopolitism, ‡ "Emancipation," whether in or out of parliament, ask his own heart what impulse prompted him thereto; and (if men choose to identify themselves with principles) let those whom the cap fits wear it.

Iliacos intra muros peccatur et extra.

(They sin within our walls, they sin without.)

+ I recommend this misnomer to the consideration of your ingenious correspondent Tout nouveau, to tell us how free agents can be emancipated. Are they slaves?-Aye, to superstition. But what has parliament to do with this?

Literally: Citizenship of the world. The citizen of the world is the citizen of no country; he abjures all patriotism, he dissolves all the ties of consanguinity. If it be objected in palliation, that the words: civis mundi, and cultor Dei, are however, engraved on the R. A. jewel, let them tell me if they are able the meaning of that word which is only whispered in the ear by H. J. and Z. I mean the word J-u-n, which I can inform them very particularly respects the civis mundi. For the cultor Dei we must look to a higher degree. - 1 could a tale unfold that would harrow up your very soul. What an infamous cultor Dei (worshipper of God) is the Knight Kadosh, (i. e. holy! Yes, Mr. Tout nouveau,) who at his reception, mimicks our Saviour in a vile mummery, a caricature dress of the God-Man, as he is described in Revel. i. v. 13 to 15. But instead of a two-edged sword (the word of God,) issuing from his mouth, the vile knight Kadosh, his ape, holds betwixt his teeth, as a butcher does his knife, the dagger of an assassin. In the next higher degree, the Rosecroix basely profanes the Lord's supper, vilifies our Saviour, takes off his age of thirty-three years, &c. &c. and makes the grand discovery, that he was no more than the Jew of Nazareth, led by Raphael into Judea. Thus debasing the latin part of the inscription on the cross, which, by the bye, was not in initials only, but in words at length: Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judacorum. The whole tendency of the degree of Rosecroix is all of a piece with Voltaire's plan. Voltaire, the Atheist, who in his frantic rage, gave himself the title of Christmoque. In 1752 he formed a Secret Society, into which he initiated D'Alembert, Diderot, and Frederic II. king of Prussia. Their object was to abolish christianity and monarchical governments. When the royal adept, who had no objection to the first part of the plan, discovered the latter, he disgraced Voltaire. Their watch-word was "Eraséz l' J. N." and sometimes they would preface their private letters with the words, "Eraséz l' J. N. fame!" Not merely as the meritorious translator of Barruel's Memoirs of Jacobinism, has rendered it: "Crush the wretch!" But, "Crush this Jesus of Nazareth, this J. N.!" And such are the mysteries of the Rosecroix !! Really it is time the MYSTERY of iniquity should be fully revealed. Upon her forehead was a name written: MYSTERY, (as it were the GRAND SECRET,) the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth." Revel. xvii. v. 5.



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disaffection towards civil governments, sedition, jacobinism, illuminatism;-all these things are employed for the same uniform purpose.

In France the factions which were so inveterate against all monastic institutions, yet took their own denominations from the papistical orders. The dominican friars are called in Paris, les jacobins; the cordeliers adopted this name form the franciscan friars, as the feuillants did theirs from the Cistercian monks.

For all their bawling of liberty and equality, these factious led a most despotic, sanguinary sway. And I have always found, there are no greater tyrants, more grindingly oppressive, more systematically intolerant, than your outrageous demagogues, your ultra-reformists, who stifle every dissentient voice of sober common sense. How can they, the enemies of government, even without rhyme or reason, the foul-mouthed declaimers against all sinecures and pensions, the croakers against the well-earned support of merit, the base panders of sedition, blasphemy and rebellion, the fellows who have not one drop of a patriot's blood in their veins-expect any other reward than a halter?

Behold the conduct of the leaders of the jacobins, during the whole course of the French Revolution, and you will find that they were actuated by the same principles as the occult chiefs of the Secret Societies. The same characteristic marks belong to both.

An implicit blind obedience to the commands and suggestions of unknown superiors; a servile performance of all measures prescribed for ends unknown; a furious fanaticism for tenets inbibed in secret conventicles; the stunning of every call of reason, and of nature, and of duty; a readiness to sacrifice relations, brothers, sisters, and parents, without remorse, whenever the Secret Society commands it; a stooping to the most abject villany, which (they are told) the end sanctifies; these dispositions and acts on the part of the governed and on the part of the governors, the establishment of a propaganda (a Secret Society instituted for the express purpose of propagating revolt all over the globe;) § the appointment of emissaries; the concealment of the real principles, which are only gradually developed; an inflexible obstinacy in prosecuting their own plans; an unrelenting destruction of the repose, the well-being, and the comforts of nations, that the chiefs may ultimately rule the world; || the most sanguinary hatred

§. Which society has coalesced with the Illuminati. See my first letter on this subject; and "Robison's Proofs."

Remember the cold calculations of Buonaparte, how many thousand men he could afford to sacrifice every month.-And the occult chiefs had very nearly

of all who differ in opinion; the suppression of truth, veracity, and ingenuity, which might raise the veil; a cold calculation and application of the most revolting means for achieving a fixed object; a recommendation of the dagger and of poison; an insolent menace of secret vengeance on their relenting, or only reluctant companions; the cool sacrifice of the most faithful member and the most active tools, when they are no longer useful; and lastly, the stamping under foot morality, religion, and justice; because, forsooth, a new era is to commence, the golden age to be restored, the new Jerusalem to come down upon the earth. ** Where shall we find the likeness of these features more clearly expressed, than in the conduct of the jacobins, insidious and abominable at the same time? And where shall we find a more faithful mirror of these features, than in the occult recesses of the Secret Societies? I remain, Sir,

Yours sincerely,

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F. A. W.

succeeded through their favorite tool Buonaparte, whose starts of refractoriness they well knew how to curb by infernal machines and other terrors. It was not till after his defeat in Russia that they abandoned him, and sent him a message by the red man, ( in their cant, the familiar spirit Gablidone, in a human body of course; for you must know that I am a magus adeptus,) to inform him that he was deserted-as all their tools will be in their turn, and were they a thousand times more crafty, more remorseless, and more villainous than their late favourite, Buonaparte.

**Whatever the Swedenborgians, the confidants of St. John in occult masonry, and others may think, it is clear from the revelation, that this solar state of the world will not take place till after the millenium, the last judg. ment and conflagration. It must not be confounded with the millenium.

London: Printed by W. HERSEE, 24, St. Mary Axe.
Edited and Published

By GIBBONS MERLE, 331, Strand, opposite Somerset House ;
to whom all communications are to be addressed.

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