The Technology Used by the Christ

Trafford Publishing, 2007 - 100 pages

These works are recommended for those with a totally open mind, who seek to find only the truth of specie man's ultimate mental and physical development into the highest and noblest realms of thought and activity, through the development of the Christ of the self in a thorough honest research manner.

Following this line of thought, which only the individual can give, backed by the action it requires from that individual, is the only system available to implement the depth of democracy which each and every person on earth holds close to their heart.

Within these pages lies the secret of continuous life without end, total abundance, absolute wealth, power beyond your ability to dream, and the knowledge to freedom for the self, along with every person in the world.

Implementation into self of this knowledge is that which can set you and all man kind free.

Lawrence Hazlewood


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