The life of Robert, lord Clive, Volume 3


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Page 102 - Committee expresses our sentiments of what has been obtained by way of donations ; and to that we must add, that we think die vast fortunes acquired in the inland trade have been obtained by a scene of the most tyrannic and oppressive conduct that ever was known in any age or country.
Page 351 - But to be called, after sixteen years have elapsed, to account for my conduct in this manner ; and, after an uninterrupted enjoyment of my property, to be questioned, and considered as obtaining it unwarrantably, is hard indeed, and a treatment of which I should not think the British senate capable.
Page 342 - After rendering my country the service which I think I may, without any degree of vanity, claim the merit of, and after having nearly exhausted a life full of employment for the public welfare and the particular benefit of the East India Company, I little thought that such transactions would have agitated the minds of my countrymen in proceedings like the present, tending to deprive me not only of my property, and the fortune which I have fairly acquired, but of that which I hold more dear to me...
Page 351 - My defence will be heard at that bar ; but before I sit down, I have one request to make to the House, — that, when they come to decide upon my honour, they will not forget their own.
Page 165 - No regulation can be carried into execution, no order obeyed, if you do not make rigorous examples of the disobedient. Upon this point I rest the welfare of the Company in Bengal. The servants are now brought to a proper sense of their duty ; if you slacken the reins of government, affairs will soon revert to their former channel...
Page 109 - If you grant a commission upon the revenues the sum will not only be large but known to the world. The allowance being publicly ascertained, every man's proportion will at all times be the occasion of much discourse, envy and jealousy.
Page 271 - Commons for leave to bring in a bill " for the better regulation of the affairs of the East India Company and of their servants in India, and for the due administration of justice in Bengal.
Page 195 - perhaps," he cried, "this House is not the place where our "reasons can be of any avail. The great person who is to de"termine on this question may be a being far above our view; " one so immeasurably high that the greatest abilities " (here he indicated Townshend) " or the most amiable dispositions " (here he pointed to Conway) "may not gain access to him; "a being before whom thrones, dominations, princedoms, "virtues, powers...
Page 275 - It was that conduct which has occasioned the public papers to teem with scurrility and abuse against me, ever since my return to England. It was that conduct which occasioned these charges.
Page 326 - That all acquisitions made under the influence of a military force, or by treaty with foreign princes, do of right belong to the state...

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