An Historical and Descriptive Account of British America: Comprehending Canada, Upper and Lower, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, the Bermudas, and the Fur Countries ... as Also an Account of the Manners and Present State of the Aboriginal Tribes ...

Oliver & Boyd, 1839

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Page 328 - Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the Lord sendeth rain upon the earth.
Page 166 - On the American side all is activity and bustle. The forest has been widely cleared ; every year numerous settlements are formed, and thousands of farms are created out of the waste ; the country is intersected by common roads ; canals and railroads are finished, or in the course of formation ; the ways of communication and transport are crowded with people, and enlivened by numerous carriages and large steam-boats.
Page 321 - the flowers, gathered when fully expanded, and carefully dried, give a most agreeable substitute for tea, which for some time has been an article of exportation to China, where it fetches a high price.
Page 256 - Geographical and Comparative List of the Birds of Europe and North America.
Page 231 - The odour has some resemblance to that of garlic, although much more disagreeable. One may however soon become familiarized with it ; for, notwithstanding the disgust it produces at first, I have managed to skin a couple of recent specimens by recurring to the task at intervals. When care is taken not to soil the carcass with any of the strong-smelling fluid, the meat is considered by the natives to be excellent food.
Page 166 - On the British side of the line, with the exception of a few favoured spots, where some approach to American prosperity is apparent, all seems waste and desolate.
Page 204 - Empire ; and the glories of its history, the visible signs of its present power, and the civilization of its people, are calculated to raise and gratify his national pride. But he feels, also, that his link to that Empire is one of remote dependence ; he catches but passing and inadequate glimpses of its power and prosperity ; he knows that in its government he and his own countrymen have no voice.
Page 365 - Simpson to them or to any other whites on the western coast, containing a brief notice of the proceedings of the expedition. To the northward enormous icebergs covered the ocean, but on the western side there was a fine open channel, which the Esquimaux assured the party extended all along to the southward ; and so inviting was the prospect in that direction that, had such been his object, Mr. Simpson would not have hesitated a moment to prosecute the voyage to Cook's Inlet in his skin canoe. The...
Page 222 - This ceremony was not of long duration ; and if it was I that killed their grandmother, they were not themselves behindhand in what remained to be performed. The skin being taken off, we found the fat in several places six inches deep. This, being divided into two parts, loaded two persons ; and the flesh parts were as much as four persons could carry. In all, the carcass must have exceeded five hundred weight.
Page 317 - Although these are made nearly on the same model, yet there is great difference in their speed, burden, soundness, &c. according to the skill manifested in their construction. A canoe of this kind is generally constructed of ribs of cedar bent so as to impart to it its proper form, the ends being secured to a band that forms the superior edge of the vessel, and acts as a gunwale ; over these ribs the birch bark is laid in as large pieces as possible, generally so that there shall be but two longitudinal...