The younger sister


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Page 276 - on the hearth-rug, with his back to the fire, and his hands behind him,
Page 298 - that is now before us. The court of Louis Quinze, with all its gorgeous vice and glittering depravity, and the court of George the Second, in which the vice was unadorned and the depravity undisguised, are reproduced with
Page 298 - Cousin Geoffrey,' ' The Jilt,' ' The Marrying Man,
Page 235 - but I do not see what that has to do with it.
Page 297 - It was a happy thought to group together some of these darker pages of history ; the contrast cleanses the
Page 298 - power of eloquence, and skill in the production of dramatic effect: and those characteristics are forcibly developed in the new novel of
Page 298 - mastery of the subject, and talent of a very graceful and commanding order.—Bell s New Weekly Messenger.
Page 298 - possesses all the qualifications requisite for a popular novelist. She has a vigorous imagination, a lively wit,
Page 158 - standing by his mother, earnestly contemplating the crown of his hat, and drawing figures with his finger on the beaver,
Page 298 - It is a remarkable performance, and will attract universal notice—men will hardly be able to comprehend its intensity—women may.

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