Sport Worlds: A Sociological Perspective

Human Kinetics, 2002 - 242 pages
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Sport Worlds: A Sociological Perspectivetakes a novel approach to tracing the intimate and extensive relationships between sport and other social worlds. By examining classic issues and current trends, the text offers students and practitioners alike a broad base of knowledge with which to challenge the everyday conventions and practices of sport.

Joseph Maguire, Grant Jarvie, Louise Mansfield, and Joe Bradley deftly highlight the ways in which sport competitions are shaped more by what happens off the field than on. Using contemporary examples, the authors paint a historically relevant picture of how sport is an integral part of the global order, our local communities, and our individual identities.

The text includes the following features:
-A straightforward organization and easy-to-read style making it an essential reference for students and professionals studying sociology of sport

-Clearly stated objectives and review questions at the start and end of each chapter that give readers a framework for learning and understanding key points throughout the text

-Project suggestions in each chapter that allow readers to incorporate learning concepts into hands-on, real-life situations, furthering student comprehension

-Narrative case studies based on current issues illustrating the global nature of the modern world of sport

-Highlighted examples that allow readers to relate today's sport headlines to issues and trends beyond the final score

-Debating points that engage readers in thought-provoking discussions, allowing readers to assess the sociology of sport issues for themselves
Part I,"Sport Inside the World," examines a range of global systems, processes, and issues that characterize sport worlds. These include networks, boundaries, conventions, and challenges. Attention is given to issues such as migration, the environment, and politics.

Part II,"Inside the Worlds of Sport," focuses on the significance of sport in the emotional and social lives of people. Special focus is on questions of gender, place, space, and identities.

Sport Worlds: A Sociological Perspectivekeenly illustrates how sport enters our lives from different paths, giving readers a fresh perspective from which to consider the true character and meaning of sport. For students, researchers, and professionals alike--be they participants, spectators, or consumers of sport--the text is an extensive resource that will enhance their overall experience in the world of sport.


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Table des matières

Sport Inside the World I
Chapter S Sport Labour and Migration
Why Recruit and Why Move?
Is Importing Labour Good or
Global Issues Across a Changing World
Sport the Environment
Environmental Issues
Communitarianism As Social Theory and Political Practice
Sport Civic and Ethnic Passions
Sport in the Making of Nations
Nations Nationalism and Identities
Sport Gender and Social Relations
Can Sport Challenge
Key Terms and Concepts

Sport and Civil Society
Key Terms and Concepts
About the Authors
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Joseph A. Maguire, PhD, is a professor of sociology of sport at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field and is the current president of the International Sociology of Sport Association. Dr. Maguire has published extensively on the subject of sociology of sport, and lectures frequently on the topic around the world. He is the sole author of Global Sport: Identities, Societies and Civilizations, co-author of Sport and Leisure in Social Thought, and a co-editor of both The Sports Process and The Global Sports Arena.

Grant Jarvie is a professor of sport studies at the University of Stirling in Scotland. He previously held established research chairs and was appointed the first professor of sport studies in Scotland in 1997. Professor Jarvie also served as president of the British Society of Sports History. Well published in the field of sociology of sport, he most recently authored Sport, Scotland, and the Scots and Sport in the Making of Celtic Cultures. He co-authored Sport and Leisure in Social Thought and is joint editor of the recent Encyclopedia of British Sport.

Louise Mansfield is a senior lecturer in the final stages of completing her PhD in sociology of sport at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. She has been published in the Sociology of Sport Journal, and the JAI Series Research in the Sociology of Sport. She has also authored book chapters on women's sport, exercise, and gender relations. She serves on the editorial board of the Sociology of Sport Journal. Additionally, she served as chair for a presentation session at the 2000 Pre-Olympic Scientific Congress. Mansfield is a member of the British Sociological Association, the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, and the International Sociology of Sport Association.

Joseph M. Bradley, PhD, is a lecturer in sport studies at the University of Stirling in Scotland. His interests lie in sport's relationship with ethnicity, identity, race, religion, and politics. Dr. Bradley is widely published in the sport studies field. His publications include Ethnic and Religious Identity in Modern Scotland: Culture, Politics and Football, and Sport, Culture, Politics and Scottish Society: Irish Immigrants and the Gaelic Athletic Association.

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