The Mirage of Dignity on the Highways of Human ‘Progress’: - the Bystanders’ Perspective -

AuthorHouse, 16 janv. 2012 - 780 pages
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The Modern Man is hypocritically boasting of unprecedented material progress in a world , where ,inter-alia millions daily go to bed hungry, die or get killed through unwanted wars and preventable causes, live in inhumane conditions , vulnerable being exploited , with ever widening inequality , and might still ruling over right in international relations, even in the post UDHR era! an indictment on the collective conscience of mankind. Besides, the flame of materialism has been devouring time tested moral values, causing chaos within the basic unit in society- the family and relegating Man and his dignity to the level of animals and even manipulating his identity. Therefore questions arise: Is Moral law fading ; are political/economic systems and institutions like UN failing in realizing the lofty goal of affording due dignity , basic rights and social justice humanity deserves? Can the bystanders be mere onlookers anymore? This book seeks to dispassionately survey the yawning gap between the rhetoric and the ground reality in bringing about dignity and social justice for humanity from bystanders perspective in the light of these questions and underlines the imperative need for moral progress to go hand in hand to make Man assume his due role as the trustee on earth. It also exhorts bystanders to close ranks as human- dignity champions, rights defenders, identity protectors- against onslaughts from power hungry politicians, mighty powers and vested interests. This is the need of the times and what our future progeny demands.

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Lukman Harees obtained his LLB degree in 1996 and MBA in 1998. He was the Head of HRD in a leading bank in Sri Lanka, and reading for a doctoral degree in HRM, when he moved to the UK with his family in 2004. His HRD initiatives including EI , employment of disabled persons, and signing up MOUs with leading training institutions in Asia pacific region significantly helped the Bank to be awarded the ‘Best HRM Practices’ Trophy in 2002 . He is presently an Administrator in a leading hospital in Berkshire , UK and also undertakes part time HRM Consultancy assignments. During the last three decades , he has been actively involved in a multitude of roles –social activist, trade unionist ,charity fund raiser, HRM professional and a lecturer . Presently ,he is in the Executive Committee of SAKOMA, a network of Black and Minority Ethnic organizations in Berkshire area. He presently lives in Reading , UK with his wife and three sons.

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