Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia, Volume 1

Peter Knight
ABC-CLIO, 2003 - 925 pages

The first comprehensive history of conspiracies and conspiracy theories in the United States.

âeuro;¢ Over 300 A-Z entries on various events, ideas, and persons, as well as crucial supporting and refuting evidence, and competing explanations for the origins, history, and popularity of this mode of political thought

âeuro;¢ Primary documents from organizations promoting conspiracy theories

âeuro;¢ Contributions from over 100 international scholars with a full range of historical expertise

âeuro;¢ Separate section containing about 100 illustrative extracts covering the full range of American history, each with a brief headnote placing it in context

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A Historical Overview Robert Alan Goldberg
Satanic Ritual Abuse 642
Skolnick Sherman 655
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Peter Knight, PhD, is a lecturer in American studies at the University of Manchester, Manchester, England.

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