A Tabular Series of Decimal Quotients for All the Proper Vulgar Fractions


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Page i - To which is now added a tabular series of complete decimal quotients for all the proper vulgar fractions of which, when in their lowest terms, neither the numerator nor the denominator is greater than 100; with the equivalent vulgar fractions prefixed. By Henry Goodwyn, London, 1818, pp.
Page iv - The Computer would draw the attention of the curious in such matters to the following remarkable property of the fractions which form the Series : viz. In any three consecutive vulgar fractions in the table if the numerators of the extremes and the denominators respectively be added together, the sum will form the numerator and the denominator of a fraction equal to the mean.
Page iii - Tabular series.' Mr Goodwyn's name does not appear in connexion with either work, but there is no doubt about the authorship, as reference is made to " a short specimen" which the author had published in 1818 under the title " The First Centenary of a Series of Concise and Useful Tables..."; and this specimen bears the name of Henry Goodwyn.
Page iv - Tabular series' (1823) for he writes (p. iv.) : " But though it is easy to find, from this Tabular Series, a fraction, either exactly or nearly equivalent to a given decimal, the table does not show, with equal readiness, the decimal corresponding to a vulgar fraction. This latter object is best effected by such an arrangement as that adopted in the first of the tables contained in the ' Centenary' above referred to, under the title of 'Tables of complete Decimal Quotients.
Page iii - It ia stated in the introduction that "the table which is now submitted to public inspection is the first part of one which is intended to exhibit the decimal value of every proper fraction whose denominator is less than 1000," and at the end is printed "end of part I.

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