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and the rest of his salary from the general theological funds. Dr Follen is altogether paid from the college funds, except one hundred and fifty dollars, which comes from the theological funds. Mr Palfrey is to receive his compensation, of four hundred dollars per annum, from the rents of Divinity Hall. The provision for Mr Ware's professorship expires in ten years.

It is very desirable that permanent provision should be made for some part of the above instruction, as in that case the general theological funds would be relieved from the disbursement of sums, which might be applied to the increase of the theological library, the building of houses for the instructers, and other needful purposes,

and more ample instruction would be also secured.

Even more urgent, perhaps, is the want of a fund for scholarships. These are now in a measure supplied by annual contributions from churches in Boston and the vicinity. But from various causes this source is very uncertain. Two thousand dollars is an ample foundation for one scholarship.

There is wanted, also, the sum of twenty thousand dollars to free the Divinity Hall from a debt to that amount, for

money advanced by the trustees, for which interest is now paid.

Since the first edition of this tract was printed, Professor Norton has been obliged by the state of his health to relinquish a part of his duties, which will be performed by another professor as soon as one can be appointed.






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What must I do to be saved ? - Acts, xvi. 30.

Can a more important question be asked by sinful mortals? Do we not all admit its importance, when we feel the compunctions of an accusing conscience? when we reflect on our deep depravity of heart and life? and when we consider our capacities for eternal suffering or enjoyment? Do we not acknowledge its importance, when we witness the awful ravages of wickedness, in destroying whatever is dignified in humanity; whatever is useful in character; whatever is improving in social intercourse; whatever is productive of happiness in domestic life, and whatever can give peace and hope in the hour of death? Are we not sensible of its importance, when we behold the son of the living God laboring, teaching, suffering and dying to redeem us from iniquity and wretchedness? Are we not convinced of its importance, when we contemplate the infinite love of our heavenly Father, in sending his well beloved Son to rescue us from our degradation; in giving to him his holy spirit without measure, and in qualifying him to become the Saviour of the world? Let me then invite your attention to the infinitely important subject of christian salvation.

I. What, then, is christian salvation? It is deliverance from ignorance, error and sin; and the possession of christian knowledge, virtue and piety. Perhaps I can render this definition more clear by a familiar example. Suppose then that a learned heathen now stood before me; one who worshipped idols; one who had heard of Jesus, and believed him to be an impostor; one whose conduct was openly immoral. I undertake to convert him to Chistianity by rational argument and evangelical motives. I first convince him of the existence of one infinite Creator, Governor and Father. You perceive that he would then be saved from his ignorance concerning the nature and perfections of the Supreme Being; as well as from the folly and darkness of idolatry. I next convince him that Jesus of Nazareth is the divinely commissioned Saviour of the world. You perceive that he would then be saved from his erroneous opinions respecting the one Mediator between God and men; as well as from an evil heart of unbelief. I further convince him that if he would be a true Christian, he must obey the instructions, imitate the example and imbibe the spirit of the great Author and Finisher of our faith. When his actions give evidence of a reformation of heart and life, you perceive that he would be saved from his iniquities; as well as blessed with a righteous and holy character. When these things are accomplished, you must admit that he has experienced christian salvation.

Now from this illustration, you may learn four most important gospel truths. First, that christian salvation consists in deliverance from ignorance, error and sin; and in the possession of christian knowledge, virtue and piety. Secondly, that this salvation takes place whenever

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