Eugene Onegin

ECHO LIB, 17 déc. 2018 - 200 pages
Eugene Onegin, A Romance of Russian Life in Verse, by Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837), the Russian poet, playwright and novelist of the Romantic era, is considered a classic of Russian literature and its eponymous protagonist has served as the model for a number of Russian literary heroes (so-called 'superfluous men'). It was published in serial form between 1825 and 1832, with the first complete edition appearing in 1833, and the currently accepted version is based on the 1837 publication. The wrok is admired for the artfulness of its verse narrative as well as for its exploratiaon of the themes of life, death, love, ennui, convention and passion. Published in 1881, this is the first known English translation of the work made by a Lieutenant-Colonel in the British Army.

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Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin, one of Russian's greatest poets, was born in Moscow on June 6, 1799. He studied Latin and French literature at the Lyceum. Pushkin was often in conflict with the government and was kept under surveillance for much of his later life. He was also exiled for a period of time. His works include Eugene Onegin and Ruslan and Ludmila. Pushkin died on February 10, 1837 in St. Petersburg of a wound received during a duel protecting the honor of his wife.

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