Frederick Warne and Company, 1877 - 383 pages
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Page 382 - BLACKBERRY HOLLOW. 7. HERBERT PERCY ; or, From Christmas to Easter. 8. PASSING CLOUDS ; or, Love Conquering Evil. 9. DAYBREAK ; or, Right Struggling and Triumphant. 10. WARFARE AND WORK ; or, Life's Progress. 11. EVELYN GREY. By the Author of
Page 382 - SUSY'S SACRIFICE. By ALICE GRAY. 3. KENNETH FORBES ; or, Fourteen Ways of Studying the Bible. 4. LILIES OF THE VALLEY, and other Tales.
Page 383 - By the same. 33. LOUISA MORETON; or, Children, obey your Parents in all things." By the same. 34. THE WILMOT FAMILY; or, "They that deal truly are His delight.
Page 382 - Life's Progress. 11. EVELYN GREY. By the Author of " Clara Stanley." 12. THE HISTORY OF THE GRAVELYN FAMILY. 13. DONALD FRASER.
Page 381 - Story. 3s. 6d. 15. VINEGAR HILL STORIES. Illustrative of the Parable of the Sower. By ANNA WARNER. 3s. 6d.
Page 383 - HOFFMANN. Translated from the German by Mrs Faber. 36. BESSIE ON HER TRAVELS. By JOANNA H. MATTHEWS. 37. LITTLE NELLIE; or, The Clockmaker's Daughter. 38. THREE LITTLE SISTERS. By Mrs MARSHALL. 39. MABEL GRANT. A Highland Story. 40. THE RETURN FROM INDIA. By the Author of

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