Frederick Warne and Company, 1877 - 383 pages
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Page 388 - BLACKBERRY HOLLOW. 7. HERBERT PERCY ; or, From Christmas to Easter. 8. PASSING CLOUDS ; or, Love Conquering Evil. 9. DAYBREAK ; or, Right Struggling and Triumphant. 10. WARFARE AND WORK ; or, Life's Progress. 11. EVELYN GREY. By the Author of
Page 388 - SUSY'S SACRIFICE. By ALICE GRAY. 3. KENNETH FORBES ; or, Fourteen Ways of Studying the Bible. 4. LILIES OF THE VALLEY, and other Tales.
Page 394 - THE LIGHTHOUSE ; or, The Story of a Great Fight Between Man and the Sea.
Page 389 - By the same. 33. LOUISA MORETON; or, Children, obey your Parents in all things." By the same. 34. THE WILMOT FAMILY; or, "They that deal truly are His delight.
Page 388 - Life's Progress. 11. EVELYN GREY. By the Author of " Clara Stanley." 12. THE HISTORY OF THE GRAVELYN FAMILY. 13. DONALD FRASER.
Page 393 - Saved by the Lifeboat ; or, A Tale of Wreck and Rescue on the Coast.
Page 387 - Story. 3s. 6d. 15. VINEGAR HILL STORIES. Illustrative of the Parable of the Sower. By ANNA WARNER. 3s. 6d.
Page 391 - LIFE. A Series of Illustrations of the Divine Wisdom in the Forms, Structures, and Instincts of Animals. By PHILLIP H. GOSSE, FRS 10. LAND AND SEA. By PH GOSSE, FRS 11. JOHN KNOX AND HIS TIMES. By the Author of " The Story of Martin Luther,
Page 389 - HOFFMANN. Translated from the German by Mrs Faber. 36. BESSIE ON HER TRAVELS. By JOANNA H. MATTHEWS. 37. LITTLE NELLIE; or, The Clockmaker's Daughter. 38. THREE LITTLE SISTERS. By Mrs MARSHALL. 39. MABEL GRANT. A Highland Story. 40. THE RETURN FROM INDIA. By the Author of
Page 391 - TALES FROM ALSACE ; or, Scenes and Portraits from Life in the Days of the Reformation, as drawn from old Chronicles. Translated from the German. 18. HYMNS OF THE CHURCH MILITANT. Edited by the Author of

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