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termongers know nothing concerning true or false classifying and co-operation, render themselves religion: they know not that the name of the comparatively happy, and become acknowledged virgin Mary is rather on the lips of the visitor members of society. beside sick beds than that of the Saviour, that Surely it is no small proof that a yearning after purgatory is substituted for the “ blood that better things is arising among the “ London cleanseth from all sin ;" but they see persons will folk,” when such an exposition of their sad coning to come among them, and they respect such dition, and desires for mental and moral improveaccordingly.

ment, is expressed by one of their own number. I have heard with exceeding pleasure that That which works in the hearts of many is often nurseries for very young children have been made known by the lips of a single individualestablished in two or three places—homes (for so a truth which the history of all ages sufficiently they may be termed), where mothers can leave establishes ; and doubtless the most efficient means their children with perfect confidence, when of bettering the condition of this hitherto neglected obliged to go out to work. Madame de Staël race is by attending to their children, than whom well observed, “that the hearts of women are a more destitute race of beings can no where be everywhere the same:" a great lady can sit down found within the pale of civilized society. in the one room of the poorest woman, and feel Wherefore ? Because, while the father is too that they both are mothers--that they are united often in the tap room, to the mother her one or by a oneness of feeling which does not exist be- two rooms is only a better kind of tent. She is tween men. Why should not this oneness of either at her stall, or hawking her goods from feeling be made to bear on the homes of the poor morning till night about the streets. Her infant, coster mothers ? why should not a few nurseries be if she chances to have one, is placed out to nurse established in their haunts, and infant schools be with some neighbour, and is visited at uncertain opened for their children, who rarely if ever com- intervals in order to give it nourishment. When mence selling in the streets till about six years of the little creature is old enough to go alone, it is age? Start not at the fact that children are left to play in the court or alley in company with thrust thus early on the streets; but rather con other children, whose mothers, like its own, are sider in all its bearings: what a respectable and obliged to ply their callings from door to door. comparatively, well-educated man, who was An elder girl occasionally watches over the group; thrown by circumstances into a nomadic life, and both herself and the helpless beings under her narrated respecting the class to which he be charge derive their only notions of right and longed :

wrong from what the policeman allows them to **No persons but those actually counected with do. Seven years of age, as I have previously the streets can tell the anxiety, exertion, and dif- observed, is the latest period when young girls ficulties which we have to undergo ; and I know must no longer remain even comparatively idle; for a truth that it induces a great many to drink for most of them add to the small earnings of the that would not do so, only to give them a stimu- family by taking charge of some weakly baby, lant to bear up against the troubles that they liave who must not be allowed to roll about the streets. to contend with; and so it becomes habitual. I A shallow basket is first given her, with about two could point out many instances of the kind. My shillings' worth of oranges, nuts, or apples, violets, chief object in saying this is to offer an humble or water-cresses, according to the season of the suggestion as to the best means of alleviating our year; and the money earned by these means is present condition, and establishing us in the

eyes strictly given to the parents. Occasionally, though of the public as a respectable body of men, perhaps rarely, a poor girl who has been unable to honestly endeavouring to support our families, sell her store, dares not to return home at night, without becoming chargeable to the parish, and but takes up her temporary sojourn under some to show that we are not all the degraded class we dry arch, or about some market, hopeful that the are at present thought to be-looked upon as ex- gains of the morrow will ensure her a welcome tortioners, and confederate with thieves. It is beneath ber parent's roof. grievous to see children, as soon as they are able No less severe is the life of a young girl than to speak, thrust into the street to sell, and in many that of the stoutest coster-boys. She must be up instances, I am sorry to say, to support their pa- and away to the markets between four and five in rents. Picture to yourselves a group of these the morning, and sell about the streets till nine. children mixing together indiscriminately-the Those who have kind parents return with them good with the bad, all uneducated, and without to breakfast: others who are less fortunate are any parental care which is so essential for youth ; obliged to earn their morning meals. You may and judge what the results must be. Even those see them about all day, even till ten at night, who are honestly disposed cannot have a chance carrying heavy baskets on their heads, and often of bettering their condition in consequence of scarcely able to bear the fatigue of dragging being uneducated ; so that they too often turn out themselves along the streets

. No home enjoybrutal husbands and bad fathers. Surely govern- ments have these poor children - no coming back ment could abolish in a measure this very juvenile at the dinner hour, and assembling at a stated trading, so conducive to crime, and so injurious to meal, however humble: one additional meal of the shopkeeper, who is often highly rated. I bread and butter and coffee, taken most probably have procured an existence (with a few years at some open stall

, is all which they can procure. exception) in the streets for the last twenty-five And yet, though thus neglected, without their years, and should be most happy to see any thing aid many families would be constrained to go into done for the benefit of my class. This juvenile the workhouse ; for they are generally affectionate trading I consider to be the root of the evil; after and dutiful to their parents, and some perform the removal of wbich costermongers might, by “acts of marvellous heroism to keep together the little home." Boys and girls too, scarcely fifteen had been some hundreds of years, like the patri. years of age, are known to walk eight or nine archs, " fighting the good fight," and " enduring miles a day, carrying baskets of great weight hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ” (2 Tim. upon their heads. A journey to Woolwich and ii. 3), it were less wonder if “any should grow back or to some town about London is often un- weary and faint in their minds” (Heb. xii. 3). Bat, dertaken to earn the scanty pittance which their since the days of our trial are thus few, and eterparents are anxiously waiting for.

nal felicity is annexed to so short a struggle, we May those who bave health and leisure think may cheerfully “ hold fast the profession of our of these poor children-those who have known faith without wavering, and provoke one another from the earliest dawn of reason the kindly in- to love and good works, and so much the more fluences of parental love, whose perceptions of continually as we see the day approaching” (Heb. good and evil have been nurtured with the utmost *. 23). care, who have been led to know and love the “ The warfare against our spiritual enemies, Saviour who redeemed them, and to delight in his the sorrow of being too often unsuccessfal, the commandnients. Some there are who have little watchfulness over our bad inclinations, the painto bestow, and yet have time to give, who could fulness of self-denial, the ridicule and censpare occasionally a leisure hour, and who, if they sures of a world that “lieth in wickedness," all are not able to devise means of usefulness for this will soon be past, and we shall receive the their brethren and sisters, can yet carry out the end of our faith' and obedience, the salvation of plans of others: to all such we earnestly recommend our souls” (1 Pet. i. 9) (Archbishop Secker). the nomades of our native land. That these

H. S. should fail in the social and domestic duties cannot be matter of surprise ; but that Christian men and women, who participate in the highest privileges of religion, should take no thought concerning JESUS CHRIST THE LORD OUR them, is strange indeed.


Weekly Almanac.

BY THE Rev. J. B. SMITH, D.D., “O teach us to number our days, that we may apply our

Rector of Sotby and Martin, Lincolnshire. hearts unto wisdom."--Ps. xc. 12.

JER. xxiii, 6. O GRACIOUS Fatber, grant unto us, which through “ And this is the name whereby he shall be called, thy Son have known thy name, that in all know

The Lord our righteousness." ledge and light of the truth we inay increase more and more: that the love wherewith thou lovest In resuming our discourse, from this interest thy dear Son may be and remain in us; and that ing prophecy of Jeremiah, it will be vecessary thy only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, and to recal to your recollection what was our Head, may, in us his members, continue still; our last in reference to the interpretation of and work, live, and bring forth acceptable unto scripture language. We therein mentioned thee in the same Jesus Christ the righteous. that it had always a spiritual meaning, as well Aracn. (Adapted from bp. Coverdale).

as a literal one; and, hence, that (as the

EVEN. LB850X8 | apostle St. Paul reasoned) “all were not 18. Sixth Sunday after 5 2 Sam. xü. 2 Sam. xix.

Israel that were of Israel”; neither, because Trinity 1 John vi.

1 Tim. ï. jji.

they were the seed of Abraham, “ were they 19. Monday

John vii.

I Tim. iv. all children"; or, in other words, that all Jer. vii.

Jer. viii. 20. Tuesday

1 Tim. v.

were not reckoned covenanted children, or Jer. ix. Jer...

Israelites of God, who were Israelites by 21. Wednesday

1 Tim. vi. natural generation-this, indeed, was even Jer. xi.

Jer, xii. 22. Thursday

typically foreshown in the limitation of the 2 Tim. i. Jer. xiii.

Jer. xiv. promise to Abraham in the line of Isaac; 23. Friday

John xi.
2 Tim. ï.

and subsequently to Isaac, in the line of

Jer. xvi. 24. Saturday { John xii.

Jacob or Israel - and, consequently, that 2 Tim. üi.

only those were reckoned the true Israel of The expression, "numbering our days,” carries God who, in humility, faith, and obedience

, with it an implication that they are not many; resembled the holy patriarch Abraham. And for, in scripture, as being without number denotes a large multitude, so the contrary phrase has of hence we concluded that, in interpreting the course the contrary signification.

prophecy, it might be well considered as in A conviction that human life is short and un- one sense receiving its accomplishment in the certain in duration would suggest much impor- spiritual salvation and support of that pious tant instruction, even with respect to the present portion of the Jewish nation that received state of things; but the instruction rises in im- Christ Jesus as their promisel Messiah, and portance, when we consider our temporary abode in this present world as a state of preparation for readily and joyfully recognized him in all the the future. If the other life were very far distant,

obedience of faith. and the crown of glory not to be given us till we * See a former sermon on the same text, No, 927, p. 81.



Jer, v.

Jer. vi.

John viji.

{ .

John 1.

But there is a still wider, and far more are three Persons and one God, blessed for extensive, application of the spiritual meaning ever, over all. The whole tenor of scripture of the prophecy than this. The “ Israel of goes to establish this so completely and so God” must not be limited even to the pious uniformly, that its very fabric must be torn and faithful descendants of the stock of Abra- asunder, and its entire statements become ham, and line of Jacob; but must be con contradictory and unintelligible, whenever it sidered as comprising all the faithful and true is attempted to be denied. This great and believers, in every age and nation, who, after glorious Personage, then, in the wonderful the coming of Christ, should be united to exercise of his love and compassion, became him by a living faith, as members of that man for our sakes; this Lord of heaven mystical body of which he was the Head. became an incarnate Divinity, taking upon

Thus indeed St. Paul, in his epistle to him our flesh, and therein suffering the the Galatians (iii. 6 &c.), forcibly argues, penalty of our transgressions, that " we might and explains the position, “Know ye not become the righteousness of God in him”; that they which are of the faith, the same are and that G "might be just, and (yet) the the children of Abraham ?” Remark here justifier of him that believeth in Jesus." he is addressing himself to a people who, We need not, my brethren, I trust, remind before their conversion, had been idolatrous you of the first principles of our most holy Gentiles. To these, then, the apostle says, faith ; we need not press upon your already "They which are of the faith, the same are convinced minds that great scripture trath, children of Abraham.” And, continuing the that “ man is fallen and a sinner”; that he argument, he goes on to say, “The scripture, is obnoxious to the wrath of God, not only foreseeing that God would justify the heathen for his own individual transgressions, whereby through faith, preached before the gospel unto the law of God is violated, but also for the Abraham, saying, In thee shall all the fami- very nature and condition wherein he is born; lies of the earth be blessed." Being united inasmuch that as he is born (as our very cateto the promised Seed, in virtue of a living chism hath it), he is “born in sin,” and faith, they, the heathen, should thus be numbered amongst the children of wrath." counted, in virtue of that union, the spiritual Utterly unable of himself to fulfil the condescendants of Abraham, the true Judah, and ditions of a holy and righteous law, a transthe Israel of God." And then he draws gressor thereof in innumerable instances, and this clear, and to us delightful and assured, inheriting a tainted and corrupted nature, couclusion : “So, then, they which be of the entirely disqualifying and incapacitating him faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.” to stand for a single moment on the plea of All, in every tribe and nation of the Gentile self-justification before God, what glad tidings world, that follow the example of the faithful for him are these, my brethren, that a mercipatriarch, and seek acceptance with God, ful God, in his goodness, did provide an through faith in the blessed Redeemer, shalí ample remedy! What a joyful sound is it be counted the spiritual family and household that the holy prophet Isaiah utters when he of Abraham ; and, together with him, shall proclaims that a « Branch shall spring from be inheritors of all the covenanted promises holy David, and a Rod from the stem of of God, and partakers of all the predicted Jesse,” which shall bring a remedy for our privileges and blessings.

soul's sickness; that shall furnish us with a Taking, then, this scriptural interpretation robe of righteousness, whereby every deforof the passage, and looking at it as referring mity shall be hidden, every blot shall be to those who are the children of Abraham in covered; and wherein we may be presented a spiritual sense, we may proceed to consider before a pure and holy God, clothed in an how the prophecy has been in this respect imputed righteousness, fit and meet to stand fulfilled, that in “his (the Messiah’s) days before him; and, every disqualification being Judah should be saved, and Israel should removed, all incapacity, being remedied, we dwell safely"; and how, every way, the may be accounted as holy children of his declaration is true which says, “This is the love, and righteous inheritors of his kingdom name whereby he shall be called, The Lord of glory, our righteousness."

Åll this, my brethren, has been accomIt has already been mentioned that the plished, you know, by the mediatorial sacriMessiah, though of the seed of Abraham and fice of the blessed 'Jesus. The value of that stock of David according to the flesh, was wonderful atonement was so infinitely costly, in his divine nature of one substance and that it sufficed to take away the sins of the essence with the Father, was one with the whole world. Thus did God in Christ Almighty Jehovah, and the second Person in reconcile the world unto himself

, not imthe ever-blessed and glorious Trinity; wherein puting 10 thom their trespasses"; for he “made him to be sin for us who knew no which is of the faith of Abraham, who is the sin, that we might be made the righteousness father of us all, whether of the circumcision of God in him.” We need not, however, or the uncircumcision.” Hence, then, every dwell upon this; the whole New Testament true believer in Christ Jesus is, as we have is emphatic and clear in its specific declara- said, an Israelite of God, and spiritually a tions, as the Old Testament is in its types member of the family of Judah, enrolled and and figurative institutions, on this point. admitted amongst God's covenanted people. And gladly and gratefully does every heart And in this respect the prophecy doth respond to the declaration of Jeremiah, when, indeed receive an ample verification and fulin the plenitude of prophetic inspiration, he filment, when it declareth that “ in his, the proclaims the name, whereby the blessed Messiah's, days Judah shall be saved, and Jesus should be called, to be “The Lord Israel shall dwell safely. our righteousness." For, indeed, we know, He, Jesus Christ, was prophesied of under and are sure, that in no other way, and by no the title of a king; but his kingdom was not other means, is righteousness to be acquired; to be of this world : “My kingdom," said and praised be God for his unspeakable he himself, “is not from hence.” Not a mercy, that he hath made known this way of temporal kingdom was he to establish ; not righteousness in Christ to us, who “of God a kingdom constituted in the vain and tranhath been made unto us wisdom and righte- sient pageantry of this fleeting world, whose ousness and sanctification and redemption.” mightiest inonarchs crumble into dust, and

Need we mention how this righteousness whose most extensive empires pass away as a is imputed ; by what means this blessing may dream, and are remembered only in the rebecome individually ours ? Even by a living cords of history, as things that once were; faith in that Saviour whom God hath set but a spiritual kingdom, as we have said, a forth. As Abraham believed God, and it dominion over the hearts and souls of his was counted to him for righteousness; as he people, was that which Christ was to exerexercised a believing view on a promised cise; a kingdom not limited to the petty Saviour, and believed on him, that was to be boundaries of a temporal sovereignty, or the salvation to all the nations of the earth, confined to the brief span of earthly monarand it was accounted to him as perfect an act chies, but extending over the whole world of faith as if he had personally exercised that and reaching even unto eternity. A king. faith on the Messiah when actually in the dom, not founded upon arbitrary or convenworld, and be thereby stood in the imputed tional rules of men, or established in blood or righteousness of the Saviour before God; conquest, but founded in justice and righteeven so, to every one that exerciseth a living ousness and truth ; a government, exercised faith in that Saviour, now after that he hath by the Almighty Creator over his willing and come, to every one that looks to him for obedient creatures, whom his grace hath the blessings of forgiveness and acceptance brought to the obedience of the faith, and his through the preciousness of his atoning blood, love hath won over to a willing submission. shall this righteousness by faith be imputed. To these, his true and faithful ones, is the For, my brethren, the holy apostle gives us prophecy strictly applicable, that under bis the assurance himself, saying, “ Now, it was reign they shall be saved, and dwell safely

. written not for his (Abraham's) sake alone, Saved they have been, and are. Saved, in that righteousness was imputed to him ; but the first instance, from the effects of God's for us also, to whom it shall be imputed, if we wrath and the penalty of transgression. He believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord became sin for them; he satisfied all the from the dead; who was delivered for our demands of God's violated law; he was offences, and raised again for our justifica- “ wounded for their transgressions, and tion.” Thus, then, does Christ Jesus become bruised for their iniquities; the chastisement “the Lord our righteousness” to every true of their peace was upon him, and by his and faithful believer; who is thus constituted stripes they were healed.” He redeemed the righteousness of God in him. And thus them from the curse of the law, washed them also is he made, in a scriptural point of view, from their sins in his own blood; so that a descendant of faithful' Abraham, and spi- God is reconciled to them in the Beloved, ritually an “Israelite indeed," and one of accepts them through him, and views them the household of Judah. “For the promise with complacency, as clothed in the impüted that he should be the heir of the world was righteousness of his spotless life. He saves not to Abraham through the law, but through them from the penalty of death ; not the mere his righteousness of faith ; that the promise temporal death of the body, but from the might be sure to all the seed ; not only to second death, from that sad and horrible that which is of the law, but to that also condition at which the mind shudders and

starts back in strange affright and dismay; tain as it were of waters of joy, that soothes that gloomy and awful ruin of both soul and his spirit, cheers his soul, and gives him, body in bell, which the word of God em- even whilst in his pilgrimage here, a foretaste phatically declares shall befal those rebels to of blessedness hereafter. And this latter ihe authority of the Messiah, who, refusing word leads me to observe that, in speaking to receive him, do thereby refuse the only of the Redeemer's kingdom, we said it remedy which a merciful God has provided, was not limited to the puny space of time, and, dying in unpardoned sin, shall eternally but reached out into eternity. Hence, we exist to suffer the fearful infliction of his must carry on our view; and, after having righteous indignation.

mentioned what are the blessings of Christ's From these things he gaveth them; as he spiritual kingdom even here, we must advert also enableth them" to dwell safely.” The to the completion of that kingdom, the full world, the flesh, the devil-these are the foes display of that sovereignty of peace and glory, of man's soul, in his day of probation. And of which that which takes place in this life is sad and formidable foes they are, and millions only the germ and the commencement; even of souls they have destroyed; so that hell is that state of ultimate triumph, where King peopled with their victims. Man, unthinking Immanuel shall gather together his faithful man, in his natural unconverted state how ones, shall give them a place and an abode ever, sees not their dangerous power, feels in the new Jerusalem above, and shall reign. not their deadly influence. But, when the amongst them and over them in the efful. grace of God has dispersed his spiritual dim- gence of his glory, and the exuberance of his ness, and given him a moral and religious love, and the mightiness of his power, beyond sensibility, then he sees and knows and ac- the utmost stretch of human imagination to knowledges the mighty and overwhelming conceive. resources of these adversaries of his soul; In these his days, his triumphant days of then he sees himself indeed beleaguered on eternal and universal rule, shall his Judah all sides, and is ready to cry out, even as St. indeed be saved, and his people Israel shall Paul himself did, “O wretched man that I dwell safely. No enemy to harass them, no am, who shall deliver me from the body of sin to tempt them, no death to afflict them; this death ?" But the same process, which blessed with the fruition of every spiritual taught him to see his dangerous position, good, and the perfection of felicity, they will and showed him his numerous foes, made reign eternally with him, and sing the praises known to him also his refuge and protection. of their gracious Saviour, and rejoice for ever, Though the corruption of the flesh be strong, with the company of the saints in “The Lord" the grace of Christ is stronger ; though the their righteousness.” power of Satan be mighty, the empire of But, before that glorious period shall Christ is mightier; though the influence of a arrive, many changes must take place in the wicked world be ensnaring, the influence of world; many unexpected and strange revothe Spirit of Christ is more powerful. And lutions shall be brought about. Marvellous hence, in the very midst of his soul's enemies, are the purposes and acts of the Almighty : the Lord his righteousness” enables thé his ways are not as our waye. Man, vain Christian to “ dwell in safety." Not, in- man, whose days are but as a shadow, fordeed, in the idle safety of luxurious ease, but getteth this; and is apt to measure and in the comfortable sense of security which compare the declaration of God's will by the arises from a knowledge that in our warfare puny and limited powers of his own mind we are superior to our foes in our weapons and his own times. Whereas the acts of the and in our resources; and that, if we be true Almighty are on a vast, a grand, and magto ourselves, they shall never prevail effec- nificent scale ; infinity of power and eternity tually against us.

of days are his. "With him a thousand And, though it be that a Christian man's years are but as one day.” To his omniscient safety requires, in this respect, the use of his eye are clearly developed all the workings of active energies, yet in one particular there is the vast machinery of the natural world, all a state of peace that he enjoys, which com- the myriads of strange combinations conforts and supports him under the exertions he tinually shifting and changing in the moral has to make. He is at peace, my brethren, world; and likewise, what to us appears with his God. A delightful sense of par still more astonishing, to him clearly and doning love and mercy hath been shed abroad plainly lie open all the events of futurity, and in his heart. He has found the pearl of the things that as yet are in the womb of great price, the treasure beyond this world's time and require ages to bring to maturity. worth; his conscience is at rest, and there We have said, in reference to the prophecy springs up in his heart a refreshing foun- in our text, that it hath already lrad an ac

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