An English and Welch vocabulary: or, An easy guide to the antient British language. To which is prefixed, a grammar of the Welch language, by T. Richards. Also, A dissertation on the Welsh language, by J. Walters

W. Williams, Press, 1820 - 145 pages

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Page 20 - II. By either changing the Singular Vowel, with an Addition; or by adding another Vowel to the ultimate Vowel of the Singular, and without an addition. Of...
Page 17 - Colommen fenyw, a she Pigeon. Ever giving, the additional Words Gwr-ryw and Benyw an Initial proper to the Gender the Welsh Word for the Animal is of. But forasmuch as these five Genders are reducible to those two prevailing ones, viz.
Page 33 - A, in the Ultima of the Radix of Formation in the Active Voice, is changed in some Tenses of the Passive into e; as Car, cerid ; lladd, lleddld.
Page 20 - ... bryntion. Of those that are made plurals only by adding another vowel to the ultimate vowel of the singular, observe, That many adjectives, having a for their ultimate vowel in the singular, are made plurals, either by subjoining i to that a; as, llydan, pl.
Page 6 - Such words as begin with mutable consonants, viz. b. c, d, g, 11, m,p, r, and t, in their primary use, change these their radical initial letters, as occasion shall require, and according to the efjedl, VvViiili the Words' preceding have on them, as follows.
Page 14 - W, in Monosyllables, as also in the Ultima of Polysyllables, is changed into y, with the Addition of au, or od, and of ion, in Adjectives ; as, Bwrdd, pi. byrddau; crwth, crythau; trfrch, trychau ; bwch, bychod : hwch, hychod; cwch, cychod ; hwrdd, hyrddod : So twll, mwdwl, meddwl, gwddf, pwll, dwrn, &wrn, .pilwrn, miswrn : Arddwrn, arddyrnau; nilgwrn, migyrnau, whose Plurals end all in au.
Page 18 - Masculines, observe : First, that w, being the ultimate Vowel of the Masculine, and having a consonant following it, is changed into o, in the Feminine : Beside the change of the Initial Consonant^in Construction, if mutable; as Brwnt, masc.
Page 18 - ... y gaseg ; such words are infallibly of the feminine gender ; but if the initial consonant change not thereupon, we may justly conclude such words to be of the masculine gender; as, brethyn, y brethyn; march, y march.
Page 5 - It is pronounced, by fixing the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth, and breathing forcibly through the jaw teeth, on both sides, but more on the right ; as if written in English, Llh.
Page 7 - Wales ; as ci mham, her mother ; ei nhai, her nephew. This variation of the initial letters is always regular, and constantly betwixt letters of the same organ of pronunciation ; for a labial letter is never changed to a dental, nor a dental, to a labial, &c. • Adverbs, being formed of adjectives, become...

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