The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons [and of the House of Lords] Containing an Account of the Interesting Speeches and Motions ... During the 1st Session of the 14th [-18th] Parliament of Great Britain

J. Almon, 1783
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Page 3 - Majefty, to rep!a:e to the finking fund the like fum paid out of the fame, to make good the deficiency, on the 5th...
Page 116 - NOT to admire, is all the art I know, To make men happy, and to keep them so.
Page 477 - Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That...
Page 329 - Public inftruments mould not be incumbered with ufelefs matter : nothing fhould be infcrted in them but what tends to anfwer • the purpofe defigned by them ; but thefe. certificates are filled with ftale accounts :that have been depending, many of them...
Page 4 - For the ordinary of the navy, including halfpay to the fea and marine officers, for the year 2. Towards building, rebuilding, and repairs of ftiips of war in his majefty's yards, and other extra works over and above what are propofed to be done upon the heads of wear and tear in ordinary, for the year 1778.
Page 328 - The difcharge is checked in this manner: — every bill paid by the treafurer is made out in lome branch or other of the navy, victualling, or fick and hurt offices, or in the yards or out ports : if made out in one of the offices, it undergoes one, or, if...
Page 329 - ... to give to the entries in that ledger a credit equal to the credit of original vouchers, and to give to the treafurer a difpenfation. with the production of thofe originals in the office where he is finally to pafs his accounts. The information we have thus collected, enables us to form fome judgment of the caufes of the delay in paffing the accounts of the treafurer of the navy, as well as fupplies us with matter for régulation, worthy, in our opinion, to be fubmitted to the attention of the...
Page 333 - Suppofe, then, all the {hips' books paid upon by a treafurer, were, upon his resignation or death, to be immediately laid by, and all payments upon them to ceafe ; could the fucceeding treafurer, by the fame means, pay all the remaining, claimants upon thofe books, without any material inconvenience, either to the feamen or to the pay office ? This depends upon the difference which the fubftitution of the lift of arrears in the place of the {hips' books will bccafion in the payments.
Page 65 - ROSE moved the order of the day for the Houfe to go into a Committee...
Page 320 - Upon thefe points, Mr. John Hughfon, clerk of the debentures, in the office of the auditor of the exchequer ; Adam Martin, efq. firft clerk in the office of the king's remembrancer in the exchequer; and Mr. Alexander Bennet, one of the fworn clerks in the fame office, gave us the following information. The power of compelling public accountants to come to account, is lodged in the court of exchequer; h is exercifed by either an ordinary or an extraordinary procefs.

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