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think there are fufficient Grounds) being made, the difficuley vanishes. 'Tis true, the removal of it was not necessary for my present purpose; but

yet I was willing to do it, that the Apostle's Discourse may be the more throughly understood. I proceed now to the Paraphrase.

After the Apostle had been Treating of diverse other Matters, and last of all of the blessed Eucharist, he enters folemnly upon a new Subject, saying,

v.l. Now concerning Spiritual Persons (and not Gifts, for the reasons mentioned, ch. 5. p. 56.) I would not have you ignorant of those particulars which I intend in the next place to acquaint you with in relation to them.

V. 2. Those Particulars are two. The first, which I shall dispatch in a few words, respects the giver of the Extraordinary Endowments of the Spiritual Persons. You have been born in hand, that the Holy Ghost is confined to the Jewills Nation; and that those Gifts, which it is visible and notorious that diverse Gentiles among you do enjoy, do not proceed from the Holy Ghost. Now 'tis true, and ye very well know, that were Gentiles, nay, and Idolatrous Gentiles too, for ye were carried away unto these dumb Idols, even as ye were led. And consequently, if the Holy Ghost were confined to the Jewish Nation, you cannot pretend to the Gifts of it.

v. 3: Wherefore that I may remove all scruple out of your Minds, and satisfy you from whence those Extraordinary Gists do really proceed, which many among you do enjoy, I give you this infallible Rule, confisting of two parts, whereby you may alwaies certainly know, who are really endued with Extraordinary Gifts by the Holy Ghost, and



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who are not.

I give you therefore to understand, First, that no Man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Fesus accurfed, that is, no person pretending to the Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit (for of such only am I speaking) is really a Spiritual Man, or endued with his Extraordinary Gifts by the Spirit of God, if he blaspheme our Savior. And therefore those wicked Jews who oppose the Gospel, did not (notwithstanding their pretences that the Holy Ghost is confined to their Nation; I say, if they blaspheme our Savior, 'tis certain that they did not) receive their Doctrine from God, nor were they enabled by him to work Miracles in Confirmation of it. Secondly, I give you to understand, that no Man pretending to the Extraordinary Gists of the Holy Spirit can say and profess, that Jesus is the Lord, but he that speaks by the Holy Ghoft; that is, none of those who pretend to Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit, can be a Christian, but you may assure your felves, that he speaks by the Holy Ghost, that his DoEtrine came from Heaven, and that 'tis (not a Diabolical, but) a truly divine Power, which enables him to work Miracles in Confirmation of it. So that those converted Jers, who pretend that your Gists do not proceed from the Holy Ghoft

, do by blaspheming our Savior prove, that their own Gifts (notwithstanding their fond Conceit of the Spirits being appropriated to their Nation) did not proceed from him, but from the Devil; and you may rest satisfied, that your

Gifts did proceed from the Spirit, because tho' ye are Gentiles, yet ye believe the Gospel, and acknowledge our Savior to be your Lord, and your selves to be his Disciples. And thus have I briefly finished, what I designed to speak concerning the first pare ticular,

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v.4. I shall now proceed to the Second. It seems, those persons who are really endued with the Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit, do not make that use of 'em which they ought. Now, tis true, there are diversities of these Extraordinary Gifts, but they procecded every one of them from the same Spirit.

v.s. And there are differences of Administrations, but the same Lord.

v. 6. And there are diversities of Operations, but it is the same God, which worketh all in all.

v. 7. But tho' there are such variety of Endowñents, yet they were all intended for the Common good of the Church. For the Manifestation of the Spirit was given to every Spiritual Man to profit his Brethren withal, and for the general Advantage of the Whole Body. This I shall make appear in the following manner.

v. 8. For First, 'tis plain, that to one is given by the Spirit the Word of Wisdom; to another the Word of Knowledge by the same Spirit ;

V.9. To another Faith by the Same Spirit; to another the Gifts of Healing by the Same Spirit ;

v. ro. To another the working of Miracles; to another Prophecy; to another Discerning of Spirits; to another diverse Kinds of Tongues; to another the Interpretation of Tongues.

v. 11. But Secondly, all these Gifts, of which there is so great a variety, worketh that one and self-fame Spirit, dividing these his Extraordinary Favors to cvery Spiritual Man severally as he will.

v. 12. Thirdly, by, the Participation of the Extraordinary Gifts of the self-fame Spirit, we who are endued therewith, are made one Body. For as the Body natural is one, and hatli appertaining and

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united to it many Members, and all the Members of that one natural Body, being at the same time, if conlidered apart, diltinet and many, are notwithstanding by means of their Conjunction but one Body: so also is Christ the Head of one Body the Church, which is composed of many persons united together.

v. 13. For we who are endued with the Extraordinary Gifts of one and the fame Holy Ghost, are by the Participation thereof (besides diverse other common Ties to each other) made one. For with one Spirit are we Spiritual Persons all baptized, that is, we are all endued with the Extraordinary Gifts of one and the fame Spirit; and with it are we all baptized into one Body, that is, we are by the Participation of the Extraordinary Gifts of one and the fame Spirit made Members of one Body, vize the Church of God, of which our blessed Savior is the Head. I say, the Participation of the Extraordinary Gifts of one and the fame Spirit, makes us who are endued therewith, Members of one and the fame Body, and of one another, whether we be originally Jews or Gentiles, or whether with respect to our outward condition in the World we be bond or free; and we who are endued with those Gifts, have been all of us made to drink into, and in a most plentiful Measure partakers of, one Spirit.

v. 14. Now lince, 1. there is so great a variety of Extraordinary Gifts bestowed, some upon one Spiritual Man, and some upon another; 2. all thofe Gifts do proceed from one and the fame Fountain; and, 3. all those Persons who are endued with any of 'em, are by partaking of the Extraordinary Favors of the fame Spirit, united together, and made one Bo. dy; from hence, I say, 'tis plain, that all these Extraordinary Gifts were intended for the Common good of that Church, of which by the Participation of them, we who enjoy them, are made Members. For do but consider with your felves the Body natural. Ye know that the Body natural is not made up of one Member, but of many joined together; even as I have already said, that our Savior's Body the Church is made up of many persons united to each other by various Ties, and particularly the Spiritual Men by partaking of the Extraordinary Gifts of one and the lame Spirit.


V. 15. Now if the Foot in the Body natural shall Say, Because I am not the Hand, I am not a Member of the Body; is it therefore not of the Body?

v. 16. And if the Ear fall say, Because I am not the Eye, I am not a Member of the Body; is it therefore not of the Body? Surely no. For the Body, as I have said, is not made up of one Member, buț of many joined together.

v. 17. And if the whole Body were an Eye, where were the Hearing? if the whole were Hearing, where were the Smelling?

v. 18. But now, that there may be a variety of Members for the several neccfTary Functions, therefore hath God set the Members every one of them in the Body in a most convenient order, cyen as it baih pleased him.

v. 19. And indeed, God did very wisely therein. For if they were all oxe Member, where were the Body? It would certainly be destroyed. For the notion of a Body supposes more Members than one, V. 20. But now are they many Members; and

yer being united together they make but one Bady.

v. 21. And each Members happiness depends upon the rest. For the Eye cannot say unto the Hand, I have no need of thee i nor again the Head to the Feet, I have no need of yoshi

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