A Collection of All the Ecclesiastical Laws, Canons, Answers, Or Rescripts ... Concerning the Government, Discipline and Worship of the Church of England, from Its First Foundation to the Conquest, that Have Hitherto Been Publish'd in the Latin and Saxonic Tongues. And of All the Canons and Constitutions Ecclesiastical, Made Since the Conquest and Before the Reformation in Any National Council, Or in the Provincial Synods of Canterbury and York, that Have Hitherto Been Publish'd in the Latin Tongue: Now First Translated Into English with Explanatory Notes, and Such Glosses from Lyndwood and Athone, as Were Thought Most Useful ...

R. Knaplock, 1720
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Page 3 - ... away the credit who hath made most drunk, and taken off the largest cups : therefore we forbid all forcing to drink.
Page 3 - Laymen ought not to be accused unless by certain and legal accusers and wilnesses, in presence of the bishop, so as that the archdeacon may not. lose his right, nor any thing which should thereby accrue to him : and if the offending...
Page 1 - ... their shoulders and their breasts; their feet and their legs; their thighs and their inwards. Let them remain accursed from the bottom of the foot to the crown of the head, unless they bethink themselves and come to satisfaction. And just as this candle is deprived of its present light, so let them be deprived of their souls in hell.
Page 3 - Conftitution. 1 Abbots, and Priors. 36. We decree that Nuns, and other Religious Women, wear no Silk Veils, nor Needles of Silver or Gold in their Veils } that neither Monks nor Canons Regular, have Girdles of Silk, or garnifh'd with Gold or Silver, nor ufe k Burner, or any irregular Cloth.
Page 3 - ... nor shall the lands of any of them be put under an interdict, unless application shall first have been made to our lord the king, if he be in the kingdom, or if he be out of the kingdom, to his...