Second [and Third] Installment of American Ornithological Bibliography, Partie 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1879
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Page 243 - An Essay on the Natural History of Guiana in South America. Containing a description of many curious productions in the animal and vegetable systems of that country, together with an account of the religion, manners, and customs of several tribes of its Indian inhabitants ; interspersed with a variety of literary and medical observations, in several letters from a gentleman of the medical faculty, during his residence in that country.
Page 274 - Oreodoxa regia is common, and of the only other native palm, Thrinax argentea, only one specimen was seen. ZOOLOGY. Newton, A. and E. Observations on the Birds of St. Croix, West Indies, made between February 20 and August 6, 1857, by Alfred Newton, and between March 4 and September 28, 1858, by Edward Newton. 'Ibis,
Page 252 - Parker King, RN, FRS and LS, to NA Vigors, Esq., on the Animals of the Straits of Magellan," in the Zoological Journal, [Vol.
Page 242 - By the Reverend | Mr. Griffith Hughes, AM | Rector of St. Lucy's Parish, in the said Island, and FRS | — | [Vignette.] | — | London: | Printed for the Author; | And sold by most Booksellers in Great Britain and Ireland. MDCCL.
Page 282 - Islands. <PZ .S'., xxxii, 1864, p. 73. Two species, obtained by Captain Packe, are added to the lists previously drawn up bv Sclater (PZS, 1860, pp. 382-391 ; 1861, pp. 45-47, qv ). These are Egretta leuce and Prturtur. The author adds, from the "Ibis
Page 304 - Reports on the collections of Birds made during the voyage of HMS Challenger.
Page 242 - Relation abrégée d'un voyage dans l'intérieur de l'Amérique méridionale. Depuis la côte de la mer du Sud, jusqu'aux côtes du Brésil et de la Guiane, en descendant la rivière des Amazones; lue à l'Assemblée publique de l'Académie des sciences, le 28 avril 1745.
Page 284 - A list of Birds from Porto Rico presented to the Smithsonian Institution, by Messrs. Robert Swift and George Latimer, with descriptions of New Species or Varieties.
Page 250 - An Account of the Abipones, an Equestrian People of Paraguay. From the Latin of Martin Dobrizhoffer, eighteen years a Missionary in that country ."—Vol.
Page 302 - Notes on some Birds observed in the Chuput Valley, Patagonia, and in the neighbouring District. <Jbi«, 4th ser., i, 1877, pp. 27-46. Extended field-notes

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