Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Volume 9

Institution of Civil Engineers, 1850

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Page 128 - The High-Pressure Steam Engine. THE HIGH-PRESSURE STEAM ENGINE ; an Exposition of its Comparative Merits, and an Essay towards an Improved System of Construction, adapted especially to secure Safety and Economy. By Dr. ERNST ALBAN, Practical Machine Maker, Plau, Mecklenberg.
Page 110 - The Council of the Institution of Civil Engineers have awarded the following Premiums:— 1. A Telford Medal in Silver, and a Council Premium of Books, suitably bound and inscribed, to William Henry Barlow, M.
Page 115 - Society, unless there shall have been any previous engagement with its author to the contrary ; and the Council may publish the same in any way and at any time that they may think proper. But should the Council refuse or...
Page 329 - ... when he had the good fortune to be intimate with Mr. Joseph Bramah, and had acquired a knowledge of his locks, which were then in high repute. The secret workshops, wherein the locks were manufactured, contained several curious machines, for forming parts of the locks, with a systematic perfection of workmanship, which was at that time unknown in similar mechanical arts. These machines had been constructed by the late Mr. Maudslay, with his own hands, whilst he was Mr. Bramah's chief workman....
Page 113 - Memoirs and accounts of the Works and Inventions of any of the following Engineers: — Sir Hugh Middleton ; Arthur Woolf; Jonathan Hornblower ; Richard Trevithick , William Murdoch (ofSoho); and Alexander Nimmo.
Page 111 - Engineering works upon them. 8. An account of the waste or increase of the Land on any part of the coast of Great Britain, the nature of the Soil, the direction of the Tides, Currents, Rivers, Estuaries, &c., with the means adopted for retarding or preventing the waste of the land.
Page 407 - ... charged with colour; as the cylinder continues to revolve the plates come in contact with a sheet of paper in the first paper cylinder, whence it is carried, by means of tapes, to the second paper cylinder, where it receives an impression on its opposite side from the plates on the second plate cylinder, and thus the sheet is perfected.
Page 123 - The Geographical and Geological distribution of Fossil, Fuel, or Mineral Combustibles employed in the Arts and Manufactures; their production, consumption, commercial distribution, prices, duties, and international regulations in all parts of the world; including four hundred statistical tables, and eleven hundred analyses of mineral...
Page 352 - Description of a wrought iron lattice bridge, constructed over the line of the Rugby and Leamington Railway', Proc.
Page 322 - ... to locks and fastenings, and to exercise unceasing care and vigilance. The bank robberies, during late years, show that they have been planned with extraordinary sagacity, and have been effected with a degree of skill, which proves that they are not undertaken by ordinary thieves. The large amount of money which the housebreakers are confident of obtaining, in the case of a successful burglary at a bank, induces them to act with a degree of skill and caution, proportionate to the expected booty,...

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