Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK

Anchor Books, 2003 - 608 pages
After thirty years, Case Closed finally succeeds where hundreds of other books and investigations have failed - it resolves the greatest murder mystery of our time, the assassination of JFK. Based upon explosive new interviews, secret files, and the latest scientific and computer enhancements of film and evidence, Case Closed not only uncovers where the Warren Commission erred but also demolishes the leading conspiracy theories, putting to rest once and for all speculation about involvement of the CIA, FBI, and the mafia, and the supposed links between Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. Case Closed answers all lingering questions about the assassination. Some of the book's revelations include: the inside story of Oswald's defection to Russia, told for the first time by the KGB agent who handled his case; new details about Oswald's attempt to kill Army General Edwin Walker, and how he was shadowing Walker when Kennedy arrived in Dallas; and how the latest computer enhancements of the Zapruder film determine the number and precise timing of the shots fired in Dealey Plaza. As historian Stephen Ambrose has written, "Mr. Posner's chapter on the single bullet is a tour de force, absolutely brilliant, absolutely convincing." At the heart of this mesmerizing reinvestigation of the case is the first in-depth portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald's tortured life. Drawing on new and intimate interviews with Oswald's wife and friends as well as startling details from his classified KGB file, Posner unmasks the enigma that is Oswald. No less fascinating is his profile of Jack Ruby, which includes the most complete presentation ever of his actions over the assassination weekend. Case Closed cuts through three decades of misinformation and distortions by examining all the evidence to make sense of what really happened. This ground-breaking book presents an absorbing story that finally leads us back to the truth behind one of the nation's most enduring and painful mysteries. Posner weaves a narrative that restores the human drama to one of the watershed events in American history, and in the process answers the riddle of how and why Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK.

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Avis d'utilisateur  - briguybrn - LibraryThing

A masterful investigation into the assassination, required reading for anyone who wants to know what really happened. The chapter on the forensics of the shooting alone would make this a masterwork ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Avis d'utilisateur  - gmicksmith - LibraryThing

This is one of the most detailed anti-conspiracy assassination books. Many people will consider it a definitive work in the genre. I have my doubts but he does present a considerable amount of ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Gerald Posner, a former Wall Street lawyer, is an award-winning author of many books on subjects ranging from Nazi war criminals, to assassinations, to the lives and careers of politicians.

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