Sacred Music: Its Origins, Powers, and Future : Traditional Music in Today's World

Indica Books, 2003 - 224 pages
What is modal music? Why did the ancients consider music thekey of sciences, related to metaphysics? Are there many musics , asthere are many languages? Is there a relation between Indian music,jazz, cante jondo, Gregorian chant? How should we understand Africanmusic? What are the relations between music and religion? Andbetween music and magic, or therapy?This collection of texts, covering a wide range of subjects, concernsthe amateur music lover as well as the professional musician. Therenowned musicologist Alain Danièlou explains here clearly andsimply the profound concepts relating music to its essential roots.aTradition is inevitably the basis on which innovations can develop.Change, if it results in the loss of tradition, is more often than not aloss rather than a gain.: (Alain Danièlou)

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The Mlecchas Exercise Books by Jacques Cloarec Alain Daniélou and the Musical Renaissance by JeanLouis Gabin
The Origins of Sacred Music
Symbolism in the Musical Theories of the Orient
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