Bibliotheca Madrigaliana: A Bibliographical Account of the Musical and Poetical Works Published in England During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Under the Titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, Etc., Etc

J. R. Smith, 1847 - 88 pages

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Page xii - Lyrical Poems, selected from Musical Publications between the Years 1589 and 1600.
Page v - Bibliotheca Madrigaliana. — A Bibliographical Account of the Musical and Poetical Works published in England during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, under the titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, &c. &c.
Page 4 - The first sett of Italian Madrigalls Englished, not to the sense of the originall dittie, but after the affection of the Noate.
Page 38 - The First Set of English Madrigals, to 3, 4, 5. and 6 parts, apt both for viols and voyces ; with a Mourning Song in memory of Prince Henry..
Page 52 - ... other being Songs very rare and newly composed, are heere published for the recreation of all such as delight in Musicke.
Page 36 - Ah ! dear heart, who do you rise ? Fair is the rose. Nay, let me weep. Ne'er let the sun. Yet if that age had frosted o'er. Trust not too much, fair youth. 1612. The Third and Fourth Booke of Ayres. Composed by Thomas Campian so as they may be expressed by one Voyce with a Violl, Lute, or Opharion. Folio. London, Printed by Thomas Snodham. [1612.] The two books in one, without second title-page. Dedicated (inverse) "To Sir Edward Mounson, Knight.
Page 5 - Songs and Psalmes, composed into 3, 4, and 5 parts, for the use and delight of all such as either love or learne Musicke, By John Mundy, Gentleman, Bachiler of Musicke, and one of the Organists of hir Majesties free Chappell of Windsor.
Page 2 - Transalpina; Madrigales translated of foure, five and sixe parts, chosen out of divers excellent Authors, with the first and second part of La Verginella, made by Maister Byrd, upon two stanz's of Ariosto, and brought to speak English with the rest.
Page 34 - Psalmes, Songs, and Sonnets : some solemne, others joyfull, framed to the life of the Words: Fit for Voyces or Viols of 3. 4. 5. and 6. Parts.
Page viii - I first began to keepe house in this citie, it hath been no small comfort unto mee, that a great number of gentlemen and merchants of good accompt (as well of this realme as of forreine nations) have taken in good part such entertainment of pleasure, as my poore abilitie was able to...

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