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The ruins of my soul repair,
And make my heart a house of pray'r.


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4 Ah! give me, Lord, the tender heart, That trembles at th' approach of sin; A godly fear of sin impart,

Implant and root it deep within: That I may dread thy gracious pow'r, And never dare to offend thee more.


328. The Mourner's Request. S.M.

How long wilt thou forget me, O LORD? for ever? how long wilt thou hide thy face from me? How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart daily? &c. PSAL. xiii. 1, &c.

JESUS, thy light impart
And lead me in thy path;
I have an unbelieving heart,
But thou canst give me faith.

[Thy love all power hath,
Its power in me exert;
And give me living, active faith,
That purifies the heart.]
Unrivall'd, reign within,
My only sov'reign be;
O crucify the man of sin,
And form thyself in me.


Thy blood's renewing might
Can make the foulest clean;
Can wash the Ethiopian white,
And change the leopard's skin.


That, Lord, can bring me nigh,
And wipe my sins away;
Can lift my abject soul on high,
And turn my night to day.

6 Fulfil thy gracious word,

And show my guilt forgiven;
Bid me embrace my dying Lord,

And mount with thee to heaven.

329. The Believer's Choice. L.M.

But one thing is needful; and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.-LUKE

X. 42.

BESET with snares on ev'ry hand, In life's uncertain path I stand: SAVIOUR divine! diffuse thy light To guide my doubtful footsteps right. 2 Engage this roving treach'rous heart To fix on Mary's better part; To scorn the trifles of a day, For joys that none can take away.

3 Then let the wildest storms arise; Let tempests mingle earth and skies;

No fatal shipwreck shall I fear,
But all my treasures with me bear.
4 If thou, my SAVIOUR! still art nigh,
Cheerful I live, and joyful die;
Secure, when mortal comforts flee,
To find ten thousand worlds in thee.

330. Conflict. C.M.

The flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary the one to the other : so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.-GAL. v. 17.

WHAT diff'rent pow'rs of grace and sin
Attend our mortal state!

I hate the thoughts that work within,
And do the works I hate.

2 Now I complain, and groan, and die,
While sin and Satan reign:
Now raise my songs of triumph high,
For grace prevails again.

3 Thus will the flesh and Spirit strive,
And vex and break my peace;
But I shall quit this mortal life,
And sin for ever cease.

4 O Lord, assist me thro' the fight,
My drooping spirit raise;
Make me triumphant in thy might,
And thine shall be the praise.

331. Conflict. L.M.

Lord, I believe: help thou mine unbelief.-MARK ix. 24.

JESUS, our soul's delightful choice,
In thee believing we rejoice;
Yet still our joy is mix'd with grief;
While faith contends with unbelief.

2 Thy promises our hearts revive,

And keep our fainting hopes alive; But guilt and fears and sorrows rise, And hide the promise from our eyes. 3 0 let not sin and Satan boast,

While saints lie mourning in the dust; Nor see that faith to ruin brought, Which thy own gracious hand bath wrought.

4 Do thou the dying spark inflame;
Reveal the glories of thy name:
O put all anxious doubts to flight,
And lead us on t' eternal light!

332. Conflict. 7s.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden; and I will give you rest.-MATT. xi. 28.

DOES the gospel-word proclaim
Rest for those, who weary be?
Then, my soul, put in thy claim,
Sure that promise speaks to thee.

Boast I good in thought or deed?
Sin pollutes my very best;
Yet I weary am, I plead,
And the weary long for rest.
2 Burden'd with a load of sin,
Harass'd with tormenting donbt;
Hourly conflicts from within,
Hourly crosses from without:
All my little strength is gone,
Sink I must, without supply;
Sure upon the earth is none
Can more weary
be than I.
3 In the ark, the weary dove
Found a welcome resting-place;
Thus my spirit longs to prove
Rest in CHRIRT, the ark of grace.
Tempest-toss'd I long have been,
And the flood increases fast;
Open, Lord, and take me in,
Till the storm be overpast.

4 Safely lodg'd within thy breast,
What a wondrous change I find!
Now I know thy promis'd rest
Can compose a troubled mind.
You that weary are like me,
Hearken to the gospel call;
To the ark for refuge flee,
JESUS will receive you all!

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