Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung, Volume 3

C.A. Schwetschke, 1820

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Page 21 - De la Rareté et du prix des médailles romaines, ou Recueil contenant les types rares et inédits des médailles d'or, d'argent et de bronze, frappées pendant la durée de la République et de l'Empire romain, par T.-E.
Page 509 - Stands tiptoe on the mifty mountain tops ; I muft be gone and live, or ftay and die. Jul. Yon light is not day-light, I know it, I : It is fome meteor that the fun exhales, To be to thee this night a torch-bearer, And light thee on thy way to Mantua : Therefore ftay yet, thou need'ft not to be gone.
Page 493 - The immigrants should press into the interior. In the present state of the times, we seem too thick on the maritime frontier already." The same document quotes from the Second Annual Report of the Managers of the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism in New York City...
Page 741 - Histoire métallique de Napoléon; ou, recueil des médailles et des monnaies, qui ont été frappées depuis la première campagne de l'armée d'Italie jusqu'à son abdication en 1815. [Publiée par James Millingen.] 4".
Page 785 - I cannot forbear remarking, that, while the nation of Israel has been wonderfully preserved, the Indians are nearly exterminated. The nation of Israel will hereafter be restored to the land of their forefathers; but this event must speedily arrive, or the unhappy tribes of America can have no part in it. A few years more and they will be beyond the capability of migration ! The question, then, with regard to the immediate origin of the American Indians, must remain in the uncertainty which hangs...
Page 785 - The human mind derives pleasure from paradox, for the same reason that it delights in wit. Both produce new and surprising combinations of thought ; and the judgment, being overpowered by the fervours of imagination, becomes for a time insensible to their extravagance. It is well known, that, among the philosophers...
Page 789 - ... with ice, are voluptuous images. Hence they imagine that, after death, they shall inhabit a most beautiful island in the centre of an extensive lake. On the surface of this lake they will embark in a stone canoe, and if their actions have been generally good, will be borne by a gentle current to their delightful and eternal abode. But if, on the contrary, their bad actions predominate, " the stone canoe sinks, and leaves them up to their chins in...
Page 547 - Meine. Ausflucht nach Brasilien oder Reise von Berlin nach Rio de Janeiro und von dort zurück; nebst einer ausführlichen Beschreibung dieser Hauptstadt, des daselbst herrschenden Tones bey Hofe und unter dem Volke, und einigen Winken für diejenigen , welche ihr Heil in Brasilien versuchen wollen.
Page 339 - Zeitvertreibe und zur anziehenden Belehrung, kann Referent aus eigner Erfahrung, die er damit an feinen Kindern gemacht, bezeugen, und es allen den Aellern empfehlen, die ihren Lieblingen durch mehr als durch bloises Spielwerk das fchöne Feft zu einem Freuden-feft machen wollen.
Page 899 - Universal Commerce, or the Commerce of all the Mercantile Cities and Towns of the World; containing a Geographical Description of each Place; its Weights, Measures, Monies; course and operation of Exchange, Imports, and Exports, &c.

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